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For this 9-9, be bold and determined. Discard the unwanted. Take action.

Updated: Jan 1

The next global focal day on this year’s calendar is September 9, the 9-9. There are a few more after that: the 10-10 (October 10), the 11-11 (November 11), the 12-12 on December 12 and, of course, December 21.


NOTE: This just applies to September 9. It all changes on the 10th. Make the most of it!

This is a potentially very powerful day . . . if recognised and acted upon, of course. The number 9 embodies assertive action, penetration, courage, conflict, originality and initiative . . . and also the contradictory traits of vulnerability and naiveté. As the 9th is in Virgo, the vibration is in sharp contrast: so expect some surprises, things out of character, things that don't add up.

The 9 also favours determination, impulsiveness and purity of thought and action. This day represents the end of a cycle, the last of the single-digit numbers in the month. Things come to the surface, more obvious, from now on — until October 1. The 9 supports completion, wrapping up projects, finalising unfinished business. Its a time to let go of the unwanted and the unneeded. That keenness to complete, though, can portend a vulnerability to deception. That’s because that purity is unabashedly honest, and the first instinct is to trust implicitly. It’s about being direct even if the outer world isn’t always upfront! So, we get to see deviousness, manipulation, deceptive behaviour and dishonesty.

When completing any task, any project, any job, its usually wise to be cautious. Have we done it all? Discernment naturally pays off in spades. So, pausing and reflecting and being certain the task is ready to be signed off is the way to go. Thats the better way to do it. However, 9 isnt like that. The 9 penetrates straight to the heart of any situation instead of bothering to check every detail, which is why it clashes with Virgo (the number 5 and also the number of the year 2021). Instead, action is swift: what-ifs, fears and reservations are discarded. Even if exercising caution, at some point, the 9 energy will force the decision. Still, I would argue at least some contemplation is healthy, if only to cross the ts and dot the is.

The 9 also carries the notion of WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. There’s no guile, no game-play, everything is out in the open and straightforward: being brash catches the ‘opposition off-guard, so to speak. Ultimately, when the time is ripe to decide, the warrior acts through sheer force of will and courage. And those who underestimate the purity of that energy will take a sudden, shocked step backward.

With enough wisdom gained through the journey of the 8 — did we learn that with the 8, 8 on August 8? — the bravado of the brash may very well be strong enough to overcome all obstacles. A bit of advice: With that success, its possible to balance victory by being generous, by giving to others, and being kind to all. We are in the best position ever to let go, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

There’s also something else in the mix. It is hidden from view. The Compound or karmic number of September 9, 2021 is 23, the Royal Star of the Lion. As the name implies, this is a blessed number: the 23 bestows not only a promise of success, it guarantees help and protection from those ‘in high places’. And, thus, with the comfort of that guarantee — assuming it is recognised — comes abundant grace. No number can challenge the Lion’s strength and win. And grace is a sublime quality to balance the 9.

So, after the Lion’s Gate of the 8-8, we get to play with the Lion again on the 9th, even if more subtly. So, as with each of these ‘portal days, we can take some time out to meditate on or contemplate what you want to complete for yourself, those close to you, your community, your country, the world. Anytime will do, though to balance the 9, choose around 6am or 6pm; or to enhance the energy choose 9am or 9pm, wherever you are in the world. As best you can, ground yourself, sit on the earth so your bare feet are on the earth. Hopefully, it’s warm and dry where you are! Meditators are encouraged to visualise golden white light and to send it to wherever in the world they feel drawn to do so. For 2021, you can also use silver at any time of the year. For the 9th specifically, choose crimson and/or ruby red.

To complete anything, the challenge is to determine the obstacles in the way, remove them or sidestep them or ride right through them. Intentions matter, so base your decisions on them. Then you can cross that finish line, perhaps even at a gallop.

TL,DR* The 9-9 alignment for 2021 is September 9. Be determined, figure out the obstacles stopping you from completing tasks. In your contemplation or meditation, put you attention on the unwanted and unneeded. Think on what youd like to see completed for yourself and for the world as a whole.

* Too Long, Didnt Read, aka the short version

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