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The pinnacles represent four major cycles of life or road maps of experience by which we receive direction and the benefit of added clarity. If you like, these are the bigger picture patterns that sit enmeshed throughout your various personal years. They often usher in major shifts in focus and direction in life, careers, relationships and so forth. 


The first pinnacle runs from birth to between 27 and 35 years of age, depending on the date of your birth. The second and third pinnacles run nine years and the fourth pinnacle runs for the remainder of your life.


First Pinnacle This is the period when character develops, when you develop your ego and define your sense of self. You could call it the springtime of life. In later years we often hold onto the beliefs formed during this time.


Second Pinnacle This is the summer of life, the pinnacle when relationships with family members form and when you have the opportunity to take on direct responsibility for others. This is the productive time of life and prepares you for your next pinnacle.


Third Pinnacle This pinnacle covers your maturing years as you enter the autumn of life. This period can be a wonderfully productive time. You can often broaden your experiences to include a more global awareness as well.


Fourth Pinnacle This is the winter of life when you embrace a deeper fulfilment as you expand your awareness to include a broader definition of spiritual understanding. This is when you can integrate, when rewards and opportunities are possible through the knowledge and awareness you have gained so far.



In our example, we'll use September 23, 1972 as the birthdate.


Here's the calculation for that date:

  • Take the day they were born: 23. Add 2+3=5

  • Then take the month of September, the ninth month of the year: 9

  • And finally, take the year of birth: 1972. Add all the numbers (1+9+7+2=19, then reduce 19 to a single number, that is 1+9=10 and reduce it again to 1 

  • So, 5 + 9 + 1 = 15, which reduces to 6 (1+5=6).


The length of this First Pinnacle is found by subtracting the birthdate number from the number 36, that is, 36–6 = 30. Hence the First Pinnacle lasts 30 years, beginning at birth (Sept. 23, 1972) and running until Sept. 22, 2002.



Add the number of the birth month to the number of the day at birth (September 23, 1972).

That is, 9 + 5 = 14 reduces to 5. Scroll to Number 5 below.



Add the number of the day of birth to the number of the birth year (September 23, 1972).

That is, 5 + 1 = 6. Scroll to Number 6 below.

The length of this pinnacle is nine years and runs until Sept. 22, 2011.



Add the number of the First Pinnacle to the number of the Second Pinnacle.

That is, 5 + 6 = 11 (If a calculation adds to 11 or 22, neither is reduced.) Scroll to Number 11 below.

The length of this pinnacle is nine years and runs until Sept. 22, 2020.



Add the number of the birth month to the number of the birth year (September 23, 1972).

That is, 9 + 1 =10 = 1

This pinnacle goes from Sept. 23, 2020 onward


Number 1

This pinnacle favours new projects, new beginnings and action; a chance to be more individual in your approach and to be independent. Your creativity and originality will be to the fore. Stand on your own two feet and rely on your own abilities for success. Bring out your individuality, your own approach, find your capacity for leadership and be courageous. Be wary, though, of any obstinacy or a domineering attitude. Use wit.


Number 2

You have the opportunity to benefit through cooperation, mediation and sensitivity. Cultivate diplomacy, harmony and patience. This period is more favoured for partnerships and associations than for individual endeavours. Working as a team member and cultivating balanced relationships is important. Pay attention to detail. Don’t be insensitive to those around you; share and cultivate the ability to get along with others. 


Number 3

Develop your creative or artistic abilities, drawing upon the gamut of inspiration and expression. Feelings come to the fore. Use them. Enjoy what you do, create and touch. Explore the higher states of consciousness. Trust in your innate capacity. Communication is an important avenue for self-expression. Hone your creative talent; don’t scatter yourself.


Number 4

This is a period for building and preparing for the future. At times it may feel restrictive because there is a need to remain focused and accomplish a mission. Hard work will be required as well as constant service and effort, however, much can be achieved as a result. This is a slow but sure period. Maintain order, be systematic. Take time to put your ideas into practical form. Discard the old; make ready for expansion. A time of accomplishment and building a foundation to rely on in the future.


Number 5

This is a period of freedom, movement and change. Let go of the old and accept the new. You may feel restless and uncertain. Be versatile in your thinking, remain active, expand your horizons (whether through travel or through your mind), allow yourself to experience the new, and to accept new friends into your life. Curb any tendency to act impulsively. Usually, this is not a time to stay home because the world draws you out, seeking, even desiring, your participation. It is an adventurous time and one during which you can make progress, requiring you to be flexible and ready to change direction. Public contact, freedom to move about and a desire to be part of worldly undertakings mark this period. 


Number 6

Home life; responsibility; love fulfilled, expressed and enjoyed; and willing service are all emphasised, including humanitarian service. Finances can be improved through much work and seeking the security of the home (as your base). Happiness results from giving and helping others as well as your own family; this is not a time to explore personal interests only; share your love with others, especially beyond one-to-one. This is also a time for personal relationships and responsibility toward others. Lines of work could include public service, healing, and creative pursuits. Anything that soothes and benefits humanity.


Number 7

Spiritual rather than material progress is important now. Study metaphysics, philosophy and knowledge in general. This is a time of quiet self-examination, reflection and patience, when one often seeks spiritual direction, a deepening of intuitive ability, and self-definition to help cultivate a deeper experience of human intention. Spending time alone can be very important. You may feel aloof, sad, moody and restricted. However, don’t withdraw or retreat completely; remain engaged. Be honest, patient and understanding, or difficulty may result in personal relationships or partnerships.


Number 8

This is an excellent time for financial/material gain, including taking on business responsibility as well as managing professional affairs. It requires courage, strength, ambition and constant effort. Through exercising good judgement, you can advance your position in whichever way you choose. Recognition is possible through steady, repeated effort. Sound judgment comes in handy as well as understanding the needs of others. Rather than relying on luck, trust your ability to make sound judgments. Laziness or a lack of drive will cause delays and struggle. Even though this vibration is firmly placed in the material world, the challenge is to incorporate the spiritual world.


Number 9

This is generally a highly-charged and emotional period, which could prove difficult, conflicting and unconventional. It would be wise to learn to love and give without expecting anything in return. Learn to be impersonal and universal, rather than seeking personal relationships and you will feel rewarded. Philanthropy is favoured. Develop compassion, tolerance and service to others. Rather than meeting conflict with conflict, find creative and courageous ways to challenge conflict. There is a bigger picture and a compassionate and forgiving nature may help ease the possibility of many ups and downs.


Number 11

This is a time of spiritual expansion and illumination. It's a time to cultivate inventiveness. There may be times of nervousness and tension because you may be called upon to express your abilities and talents in a public way; much may be expected of you. Interests and activities that require spiritual practice will be prominent.


Number 22

Worldly activities are to the forefront. This is a period of expanding consciousness, a time to flourish both materially and idealistically. To bring your goals — and they may be considerable in number and range — to fruition it would be wise to think big and for the world. You have the capability of tapping into a kind of 'collective' mind and thereby the capacity to touch many lives.


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