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The year 2024 is the third of the four out-breath years, the eighth year in the current nine-year cycle that began in 2017.

Balance and justice: as we reap, so we sow. This is the key theme for 2024. Everything comes ultimately back to the centre. There will be rewards, breakthroughs and accelerated learning and there will be delays, frustrations and setbacks. The saying ‘rewards received, punishments due’ is timely. This particularly applies to the legal system; governments, especially big government; and business, especially big corporations. The 8 and 9 years are the business end of the 9-year cycle, which ends in 2025. And the effects will ripple out to each of their smaller counterparts — and the rest of us, of course.


As we are confronted by more revelations, we are challenged to shift our attitudes towards and relationships with these pillars of society — the law, power and money. It’s time to break free of the past, of old attitudes and ways of thinking towards these institutions. As we face each new ‘crisis’, we are reminded to be patient; to remain detached from one side or the other; to remember to find and tread the middle path, so to speak. Or, at least aim for the middle. Because that’s what we come back to. The year 2024 is an 8, which means lessons (revelations) come on top of each other. We may feel as a society that we’re cramming in a lot of learning. We are. After the relatively slow pace of 2023, a 7-year, which concerns the journey within, deep-diving and getting to the point of or bottom of ‘everything’, 2024 picks up the pace. (Time will also either appear to speed up or slow down, by the way. That will depend on our relationship to the relentlessness.) The 8 seeks the gaining of wisdom that comes from that journeying, that unearthing. Some have suggested 2023 was a wake-up year, and 2024 a year to act on a year of eye-openers. For those entities that’ve done the journeying, that’s very likely. 

It is time to reflect on the immediate past; certainly go back through 2023, but also right back to the start of 2017 when this cycle began. Our task is to examine our previous experiences and associations with the law, government and business over the cycle. As it’s a time of letting go of what no longer resonates, expect a shake out. Previously untouchable entities and institutions and impenetrable organisations will face fundamental challenges. As a result, it’s also a time to create new spaces for new players to emerge. They may not fully come to the fore until at least 2025 or 2026, but they will drop hints in 2024, a prelude to a shift in direction that looms large on the horizon. 

The energy of the 8 is ambitious and determined. To ride the year well, those who steadfastly pursue tasks, carefully think through their plans, apply attention to detail, and concentrate on the pursuit of a goal or goals will do well. Those entities that embrace this approach will thrive. Thoroughness pays off.

In sum, this is a year for the world to gain some wisdom. If there are setbacks or delays, it’ll be because the deep-diving that was supposed to happen in 2023 didn’t go deep enough. Those institutions and organisations that do well this year are the ones that established the foundations for success in 2022 and then used 2023 to go deep and explore the fundamentals. Then in 2024, they get to put what has been learned into practice. For entities that didn’t — or didn’t go deep enough — they are still encouraged to dive and strive, ignoring any nagging doubts and fears, both internally and from outsiders. Or, they may not survive. It’s almost never too late!


How does this 8 year affect us personally? How will you fare during the relentless tumult of the 8? That depends on your personal year. You can work that out here. Your astrological sign is also a factor, but that’s way more complex for this blog. So very briefly and very generally:

If you’re in a 1-year, youre in sharp contrast to the 8 energy of 2024. Expect turbulence and possibly frustration. Push your way through regardless. Persevere even if you feel you’re stuck in the mud!

If you’re in a 2-year, you’re at times in opposition to the 8 energy of 2024. With effort, you can balance the turbulence. Your power to reshape comes from within. Focus on your inner strength. It is the source of your power this year.

If you’re in a 3-year, you’re in sharp contrast to the 8 energy of 2024. Expect turbulence. Be nimble and flexible as you push through. Learn to dodge by drawing from diverse ways of seeing and doing.

If you’re in a 4-year, you’re in sharp contrast to the 8 energy of 2024. Expect turbulence. Learn to take time out to reflect, even for ten minutes at a time. Your approach to the year requires unconventional, leftfield responses.

If you’re in a 5-year, you’re in harmony with the 8 energy of 2024. As you take action and make changes, you can ride the 8 very effectively. Be flexible. Don’t be afraid to let go of what’s not working and move ahead quickly; it will work for you.

If you’re in a 6-year, you’re in harmony with the 8 energy of 2024. The actual process of change is vital: how you do it matters. Keep it steady. Imitate a tree in the wind and sail through, if that’s not a mixed metaphor!

If you’re in a 7-year, you’re in harmony with the 8 energy of 2024. Just keep deep diving. You can’t easily take others with you, though. Get comfortable with that. The pace of discovery will pick up.

If you’re in a 8-year, the 8 energy of 2024 will intensify. Major ramp-up. Hold on to your hat and stay the course. Be determined, thorough, steadfast, consistent. Stick with your program; the 8 will support it.

If you’re in a 9-year, you’re in sharp contrast to the 8 energy of 2024. Expect turbulence. Learn to check your desire to finish the job. While the pace may not be fast enough, the 8 is being thorough! And balance is the name of the game.


Wisdom, learning through experience, stability, patience, responsibility, financial security, caution, restriction, self-discipline and self-control. Strive for balance in all collective endeavours. Rewards will be received, ‘punishments’ due.

Colours to use to match the vibration of the 8

indigo, all shades of brown, dark green and navy blue

Jewels to use to match the vibration of the 8

diamond, onyx


The year as 20 24 (twenty twenty-four) not two thousand and twenty four

Since 2020, we’ve been calling each year as 20 20, 20 21, 20 22, not two thousand and twenty, two thousand and twenty-one, two thousand and twenty-two and so on. That change shifted the vibration of each year, adding an extra vibration to the mix. We now call this year 20 24, not two thousand and twenty-four. The 20 is The Awakening, the 24 is Love-Wealth-Creativity. The focus is on paying attention to relationships, particularly small-group and community, paying attention to nature (the Earth) and to our homes; on how people make their money (finance, economics and business); how they live (housing, home environment); how we take care of the environment (waste, ‘resource’ use, forests, green space, gardens); how we create (art, music, film); and to what’s fair (justice). Expect more waking up, more realisation and more exposure and discovery. The world is coming back into balance. And that’s a deliciously exciting prospect, but it’s also unnerving. So while more keeps coming to the surface, it’s all in the pursuit of balance and justice.


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