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The deep dive just got deeper

Updated: Jan 1

About this time each year I write something about the numerology of November and December, the last two months of the calendar year. I suppose it’s much like a pep talk before the start of the new year and a reminder of what you mightn’t’ve quite gotten around to doing before the energy of the current year runs out and the new one begins. For many of us, it’s quite often cram time, much like right before end-of-year exams, when we realise we haven’t done nearly enough work to pass the year.


For 2023, a 7-year, it’s about learning to deep dive to the bottom of everything. We are on a journey to the source of any and everything. Our task is to unearth the inner workings of everything we turn our attention to or begs for our attention. Examples might include international relations (Ukraine, Israel-Palestine), economics (stock market, cost-of-living, housing affordability, BRICS), health and wellbeing (post-lockdown consequences, excess mortality) and, of course, politics (continuing loss of faith and trust in political parties, the loss of interest in The News, the dissolution of the left-right divide and the emergence of a new politic that brings together seemingly disparate groupings: Anarchist-voluntarist-progressive libertarians and conservative libertarians). Is there more to do — or, rather, to be, as is the case with a 7-year? There's bound to be, and it could get quite heady. Much can still come to the surface. In fact, the more that does, the better for 2024. Advance notice: 2024, an 8-year, carries the themes of justice and the legal system, big business, big government, any big institution; that it is a presidential election year in the US is bound to produce some added fireworks. Expect it.

Being thorough in our deep diving in what remains of 2023 helps us prepare not only for more revelations but also to know what parts of society are the focus. (More about that in the new year.)

Suffice to say, stay neutral. When deep diving, remember we’re exploring, we’re not taking sides. Our job is to observe, staying as grounded and as centred as possible; it makes for a more thorough and expansive journey. As things are unveiled it pays to be as unattached as possible.

Significant portal day: Saturday, November 11

The 11th is known as A Lion Muzzled – A Clenched Fist. So, do I keep my powder dry or do I knock the other guy out? Well, that’s the exceedingly blunt version of the 11. In the past, it was like that. As with 22-4 and 33-6, 11-2 is a master number, though not because it’s blessed and you have nothing to do, as many of us thought once upon a time. Rather, you have much to learn and, if successful, you’ll achieve mastership.

That’s because 11-2 is a challenging number, one of “hidden trials and treachery from others”. It represents any two opposing and seemingly incompatible forces, with a third force muddying the waters. That third force can be a person or an idea; and can take the form of refusing to see that force as an obstacle to harmony. The origin of that force must be identified, and a compromise sought. Occasionally, those conflicting desires can be found within one’s own self as revealed in a reflecting mirror. Difficulties can also arise from the illusion of separation; those two forces aren’t separate, they can dance together, they can be partners. While they must remain apart, yet ultimately they must unite for happiness. It’s vital they do if we are to avoid a sense of frustrated incompletion. Each remains individual, even after being joined, for each has its own worth. When that is realised and attained one becomes a master. It’s quite apt for a 7-year; a useful meditation.

So, on November 11 that’s your job for five minutes or so, at least. Take some time out to meditate on or contemplate bringing seemingly opposing or disparate forces together whether that is within yourself, or for those close to you, your community, your country, or the world. Anytime will do, though to balance the 11-2 energy, choose 7am or 7pm; or to enhance the energy choose 2am or 2pm, wherever you are in the world. As best you can, ground yourself, sit so as to have bare feet on the earth. Hopefully, it’s warm and dry where you are!

SNAPSHOT Continue plumbing the depths. There’s still some deep diving to do. Stay neutral, just observe. As with any meditation or contemplation, allow whatever comes up to just come up. Don’t suppress it. Remain unattached. Our job is to unearth and make notes without judgement. In that state, we will see. And some of that will be what we get to work on in 2024.

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