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  • Stevie Bee

Rewriting what the 8 means for the world in 2024

I could cheat and just reheat what I wrote for 2015, which is on my The Year in World page. That was our last 8-year. And while I did reread what I wrote then, it didn’t feel right for 2024. And I wanted to shift the focus to the world more and add a separate section for how each of us in our personal years might be affected by the 8.


From my current vantage point after all these years reading numerology, it feels right to do that. Its also more appropriate to now. We all evolve — both individually and as a society — as does my understanding of numerology and the messaging that fits with each new year. Knowledge is ever-expanding and our expertise ever-building. So, I’ve written something different, but of course consistent with the 8. (I’m in a personal 4-year, so I’m more than allowed to reinterpret the year for the world. Haha.) It also feels more succinct. And I’ve added the section on the 20 24, so it’s all in one place.

As for the colours — indigo, all shades of brown, dark green and navy blue — probably don’t wear them altogether. I’d advise wearing them as features, especially indigo. Indigo is just so very 8. Despite 8’s shyness, indigo is worth showing off. So use it this year and dress up in 2024. Though quietly proud, the 8 secretly likes to show off or at least be acknowledged. If I know anything about the 8, it will be acknowledged — even if quietly!


“The 8s are normally quiet, reserved and shy. They don’t obviously push ahead, but slowly and surely get where they want to go, and nothing will stop them from achieving their ambitions. The shyness and reticence is a cover for an intense drive to reach the top of their chosen profession or career.”

Now apply that the world and you might just get a sense how this year will likely play out. Other than balance and justice, two other words characterise 2024: relentlessness and resilience. We’ll all need the latter in spades to deal with the former!

To read my thoughts on 2024, go to The Year 2024.


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