The year in 2020

Awaken. Embrace the possibilities. Be open.


Expect the unexpected. The world is a rollercoaster: well be taken in directions we may have never imagined. Appreciate the fresh perspective. Stay in the moment.


The keyword for 2020 is ‘awaken’. As 20 translates as The Awakening, 2020 is a double dose. Last year exposed cracks in the veneer on numerous surfaces. This year we get to face up to these cracks, and it’s destined to be a bumpy ride, something akin to a rollercoaster. As is so often the case, we only wake up in times of crisis. How we approach the rollercoaster is obviously a matter of choice: we can close our eyes and pretend it’s not happening or we can stay alert and prepare ourselves for the possibilities and take advantage of them. The year 2020 reduces to the number 4, which resonates to Aquarius, which embodies freedom; stretching the mind; developing an understanding; and seeking both knowledge and vision.


We do face some major decisions, and although we may be tempted to rebel and ignore them, it is wiser — and less costly down the track — to recognise them and act. We must learn to accept that some roads have outlived their usefulness. It may be uncomfortable, but we are being asked to delve deeper and better understand how things are now in the world. It is time to learn why — to seek true knowledge — rather than rely on belief and faith.


Expect to be faced with information and perspectives from leftfield; with ideas that will intrigue and fascinate; and with experiences from different worlds. Learn from these influences; above all, it is best to allow ourselves to entertain fresh ways of seeing. The profound shifts in awareness swelling to the surface are for our growth and benefit over the longer term.


As inner feelings come to the surface, our need for intimate understanding comes to the fore; don’t neglect this part of life.


The year 2020 is not typically a materialistic time. Which means finances should be managed wisely — on every level from personal circumstances to national governments and international institutions. There will be fluctuations; some of which may be wild. There will be obstacles — face them. These are uncertain times, and how we respond will affect how well we set ourselves up for the transition of 2021.


Be patient. We are being shaken from our collective slumber. Parts of life that have been stagnant, in the cold clear light of day, will be challenged. Break free from complacency and from imposed constraints.

The year favours invention, social movements and causes, the unusual, the off-beat, the path less travelled, the visionary, pioneering spirit, adventure, quality over quantity. The year also pushes occupations such as aviation, communications (radio, television), science, psychology and psychiatry to the forefront. 


FOODS+HERBS: spinach, sage, wintergreen


COLOURS for 2020: electric blue, cobalt blue, silver grey, ocean green

JEWELS/STONES for 2020: sapphire, quartz, a blend of azurite and malachite


This year favours Aquarians and those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month. They can make their presence felt more effectively in the world.


NOTE: How you engage the world and what role you play in 2020 will be influenced by your personal year’s interplay with the ‘4’ energy of 2020 (refer to your personal year). As with all yearly reads, this is necessarily general and the focus is on us as a global community. 


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Your personal year

Numerology suggests we move through life in 9-year cycles, with each year beginning on our birthdays. The first four are the in-breath years when we gather knowledge and gain awareness and experience. The fifth is a year of transition when we can make needed changes and prepare for the next four. Years 6 to 9 are the out-breath years, when we get to act on the previous five and express what we've learned. Read on


The pinnacles represent four major cycles of life or road maps of experience by which we receive direction and the benefit of added clarity. They are the bigger picture patterns that sit enmeshed throughout your various personal years. They often usher in major shifts in focus and direction in life, careers, relationships and so forth. Read on

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It's not so much a question of how will your day go, but rather what kinds of challenges and opportunities are you likely to face each day, depending on your astrological sign and birth number. Read on

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Readings for the years since 2012. General overview. What to look out for and pay attention to. Finances. Food and herbs that are generally good. Colours to enhance the year. Who can benefit more. Read on

Every pilot files a flight plan

Think of life as an air journey, and your Soul as the pilot.

It’s a long and arduous trip to a place where the natives aren’t always friendly and supply depots are few and far between, so you plan carefully. You choose your landing field first, and the general conditions at touch-down. You note points along the way where rough weather is likely and jot down a reminder of the skills you possess to deal with them. You list the special manoeuvres you’ll do, each one moving you one step closer to promotion to Ace, the ultimate rank. Like every pilot, you file your flight plan before take-off.


Earlier flights along this corridor have taught you that amnesia is a common hazard. Soon after departure, you’ll probably forget your true identity and the purpose of your mission. You decide to take a copy of your flight plan with you, to refresh your memory and help you find your way. But where to put it so that you can find it even if your memory fogs? There are no pockets in your jumpsuit.


You decide to tuck it safely inside the only thing you’re allowed to take with you — your identity. Half of it fits inside your name, and the other half slides behind your date of birth. It’s a safe place where you won’t lose it.


Sure enough, the amnesia struck and you forgot just about everything you learned in all your earlier journeys. It’s only recently that you discovered the copy of your flight plan, right where you put it for safe keeping. Problem is, you can’t remember how to read it.


Think of numerology as a codebook. Like Enigma and the Rosetta Stone, the encryption it reveals is startlingly simple yet filled with complex, even profound information. As you decode your plan, your memory will be stirred and your course will become clear. Which means it's time to really fly.

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Leeya Thompson has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has been a student of numerology for around 40 years.

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