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The year in the world

The year 2020 is about expecting the unexpected. The world is a rollercoaster: we’ll be taken in directions we may have never imagined. Appreciate the fresh perspective. Stay in the moment.


The keyword for 2020 is ‘awaken’. As 20 translates as The Awakening, 2020 is a double dose. Last year exposed cracks in the veneer on numerous surfaces. This year we get to face up to these cracks, and it’s destined to be a bumpy ride, something akin to a rollercoaster. As is so often the case, we only wake up in times of crisis. How we approach the rollercoaster is obviously a matter of choice: we can close our eyes and pretend it’s not happening or we can stay alert and prepare ourselves for the possibilities and take advantage of them. The year 2020 reduces to the number 4, which resonates to Aquarius, which embodies freedom; stretching the mind; developing an understanding; and seeking both knowledge and vision.


We do face some major decisions, and although we may be tempted to rebel and ignore them, it is wiser — and less costly down the track — to recognise them and act. We must learn to accept that some roads have outlived their usefulness. It may be uncomfortable, but we are being asked to delve deeper and better understand how things are now in the world. It is time to learn why — to seek true knowledge — rather than rely on belief and faith.


Expect to be faced with information and perspectives from leftfield; with ideas that will intrigue and fascinate; and with experiences from different worlds. Learn from these influences; above all, it is best to allow ourselves to entertain fresh ways of seeing. The profound shifts in awareness swelling to the surface are for our growth and benefit over the longer term.


As inner feelings come to the surface, our need for intimate understanding comes to the fore; don’t neglect this part of life.


The year 2020 is not typically a materialistic time. Which means finances should be managed wisely — on every level from personal circumstances to national governments and international institutions. There will be fluctuations; some of which may be wild. There will be obstacles — face them. These are uncertain times, and how we respond will affect how well we set ourselves up for the transition of 2021.


Be patient. We are being shaken from our collective slumber. Parts of life that have been stagnant, in the cold clear light of day, will be challenged. Break free from complacency and from imposed constraints.

The year favours invention, social movements and causes, the unusual, the off-beat, the path less travelled, the visionary, pioneering spirit, adventure, quality over quantity. The year also pushes occupations such as aviation, communications (radio, television), science, psychology and psychiatry to the forefront. 


FOODS+HERBS: spinach, sage, wintergreen


COLOURS for 2020: electric blue, cobalt blue, silver grey, ocean green

JEWELS/STONES for 2020: sapphire, quartz, a blend of azurite and malachite


This year favours Aquarians and those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month. They can make their presence felt more effectively in the world.

The year 2019 is about building confidence and exploring and expanding our horizons. It is the third year in the new nine-year cycle. 

Our world is likely to be pulled in a variety of directions as we search for meaning, more specifically a higher purpose or truth, one that goes beyond the mundane to the wiring-under-the-board. Once we probe more deeply than the nightly news — which shouldn't be too hard, stop watching it, for one — we begin to explore. The more we probe, we may find ourselves operating on multiple levels at the same time. Might be wise to choose; if it gets unwieldy! We may not find specific answers to everything we ask, of course, but the hope is we get better at asking questions. And it will be all-embracing. So, our challenge will be to keep up with the range of interests and the momentum we create. Because there are so many “irons in the fire”, we may feel unable to take on the necessary responsibility to pursue where the rabbit holes may lead. Happy-go-lucky adventuring just may not cut it. We may be best advised to hone our skills and choose. These new adventures could mean new contacts, and we may not feel we resonate with some people any more. However, it will be worth it: we may finally get a glimpse of that elusive bigger picture. We join-the-dots, we follow the money, a penny drops. Eyes wide open.

Optimism comes from a generosity of spirit because we rise above the petty, everyday, little picture. Nothing in 2019 is small, confined or limited. The big picture requires us to go beyond sides (for example, left-right, atheist-religious), beyond dichotomy, beyond arbitrary division. This is our opportunity to find a synthesis. We got to experience power as a yang expression in 2017, a yin expression in 2018, this year we get to merge the two into a unity that still allows for the individual attributes of both yin and yang to flourish. And as more of the behind-the-scenes is revealed this year, we are encouraged to keep an open mind.


It would be wise to take time out to plan how we will use this year and to periodically assess our progress. Towards the end of 2019, assess the year and reduce commitments in readiness for 2020.


Obviously, how you engage the world and what role you play in 2019 will be influenced by your personal year’s interplay with the ‘3’ energy of 2019 (refer to your personal year). As with all these yearly reads, this is necessarily general and the focus is on us as a global community. 

SNAPSHOT Cultivate optimism and confidence. Branch out. Explore. Expand horizons. There's strength in our diversity of thought. Articulate: be very clear and communicate clearly. Go deep, find out why. Revel in revelation.

INVESTMENT Our governments, institutions and businesses should focus on securing the foundations, supporting the path we as a society choose to pursue, that's if we as a society can identify a path, that we have a shared purpose. If we have saved carefully, we can feel free to spend the “riches of our labours”. We can go places with it. However, towards the end of 2019, ease back on the risk-taking, 2020, a 4-year is up next and it suggests we take fewer risks and begin to save.


FOODS+HERBS to enjoy: beetroot, all berries, apples, asparagus, peaches, olives, rhubarb, cherries, endive, pineapple, grapes, almonds, figs, hazelnuts and wheat (if allergy-free), borage, dandelion, sage, mint, saffron, nutmeg, cloves, sweet marjoram, St John’s wort


COLOURS for 2019: autumnals, such as yellow, burnt orange, rust; also turquoise, sky blue, purple


This year favours Sagittarian people and those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month. They can make their presence felt more effectively in the world.

The year 2018 is about how we express our power in the world.
It is the second year in the new nine-year cycle. 

This year is about the expression of power. Not the way we see it mostly expressed in the world — which is power over others, power from above — but power from within, expressed, revealed, shown to the world. It’s an intimate sharing of how we feel and about how we express our personal power — who we are, our passions, what we’re here to do — through our relationships, especially our one-to-ones, our friendships, our partnerships and alliances. We saw some of that in the revelations that began to surface in 2017 as people spoke out about how they had been treated by those in positions of power and authority. Further revelations are likely. Some relationships will stand the test; they’ll weather the challenges of the exposés. Others won’t, and there will be a parting of ways. Those that meet the challenge are likely to form a significant part of our circles in the coming years. They’ll be flexible enough to adapt to a newly emerging expression of power, one that comes from within. Our collective task is to cultivate and nurture them. Obviously, how you engage the world and what role you play in 2018 will be influenced by your personal year’s interplay with the ‘2’ energy of 2018 (refer to your personal year). As with all these yearly reads, this is necessarily general. 


Last year favoured starting new projects. The question is how to maintain the momentum we established and how to remain focused on the tasks we’ve chosen, regardless of whether those projects were expressed overtly in the world or not. For those of us in 2, 4, 6 or 7 personal years, it is likely those projects will develop and be expressed more internally. Nonetheless, this is not about expressing power in the world in the same way we did in 2017 — when the focus was on the opportunity to create afresh — but about how we express how we feel about what is happening around us and to us. It’s time to acknowledge how we feel when we’re affected by circumstances and events rather than focusing on the intentions of others and allowing those intentions — even the well-meaning ones — to outweigh what we intuitively feel. While it will be important to hear from and acknowledge what others are experiencing and to offer our support where it feels right to do so, it is wise to keep a reserve for ourselves. Guard against feeling overwhelmed and being ‘weighed down by the world’ by not overcommitting. Stay alert, both mentally and emotionally. This is a time of bringing power to account, about righting wrongs, speaking truth to power and acting on it. It is about balancing the Yang (out-breath) of power with the Yin (in-breath) of power. It will require self-confidence. On a practical level, think more about how you benefit personally from the tasks you undertake. Accept the help of others as you pursue this path, especially the newer people in your life. We’ll be called upon to return the favour. 


While it is a time to be receptive to the needs of others and open to helping them, reaching out should not be at the expense of our own plans, our own needs and desires. We must not allow ourselves to feel it’s all a struggle, especially the challenge of ‘fitting it all in’. As individuals, there must always be enough time and space in our lives to ensure we are well-nourished, especially emotionally. We must nurture and care for ourselves as much as we may feel drawn to do so for others. And we will feel drawn to offer our help — all the more reason to balance it with the same for ourselves. Never lose sight of this. How would we apply this principle on a national and global scale? 


This year favours those situations and circumstances that allow us to feel emotionally secure and where our needs in relationships are met. Don’t be backward in saying what you want; and if it’s not provided among current friendships, partnerships and alliances, seek it elsewhere.


The concept of ‘home’ comes to the fore this year, whether our place of residence or our country in relation to the world of nations. It isn’t necessarily a physical structure, but rather a state of being ‘at home’, comfortable, relaxed, at peace — no matter where we actually are in the world. It may also be a time to consider what nationhood means, the country we live in as ‘home’.


SNAPSHOT If 2017 was overt, 2018 is covert. Be wary of over-caution and of anxiety caused by worrying too much about others. Seek self-development and improvement.


INVESTMENT Our governments, institutions and businesses should focus on sound financial investment — in fact, any kind of investment, including non-material — and for the longer-term. Investments should be thought through, and time taken to ponder how we can all benefit; in other words, the triple bottom line leads to prosperity. As mistakes may take some time to rectify, forewarned is forearmed.


FOODS+HERBS to enjoy: lettuce, cabbage, turnips, cucumber, melon, chicory, endive, linseed, plantain


KEYWORDS AND PHRASES Imagination; intuition; parenthood; conception; birth; tendency to fear the unknown or the unfamiliar; romance; psychic expression; ‘fear of shadows of fears’; fear of loss; secretive; veer from right to left, charity; private; caring, reflection; Yin; passive; sensitive; preference to be in the background, not upfront; highly emotional. 


COLOURS to express/wear/use/accentuate in 2018: light green, pale yellow, silver, violet, lavender


This year favours Cancer people and those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month. They can make their presence felt more effectively in the world.

The year 2017 is about new beginnings.
It is the first year in the new nine-year cycle. 

The curtain opens on a new production, a new performance. The stage is set for all of us — individuals, institutions, organisations, governments and corporations — to step into the limelight. It's time to dream big, to plan big, to unleash our creative potential. It's time to initiate new projects, develop new alliances and widen the circles, embracing the spirit of new friendships and free association. Be positive, confident and optimistic because 2017 affects the next nine years. It sets the tone. So it is prudent we choose our associations on all levels wisely, to as much as possible see the bigger picture, to consider the far-reaching effects our new plans and projects will have. (If we don't, we will have to in 2018, so why not get in early!)


If we as individuals, as partners in one-to-one relationships, as members of groups, and as members of nations and the broader global community took to heart the suggestion to use 2016 to clear the decks — end conflicts; wrap up longstanding projects; let go of no-longer-valid ideas, attitudes, ways of doing things, and patterns of behaviour — then we are ready to turn our attention to new ways of living and relating. We’re ready to plant new seeds. Provided we’ve put in the right seeds, we can reap the rewards. As such, it's important we check our plans for any flaws, listen to our inner voices, whether individually, in partnership or in a group and ask: “what do we really want now?” We are being encouraged to live as we've longed for for so long. Once we’ve thought through our options, and made a decision that’s entirely right for us, we can excel.


if we choose to see it, the world can feel new. Or, act as if it is! Explore it with zest, enthusiasm and openness. The new cycle abounds with enormous potential, be open to it. The energy about us now is highly creative, so be original in solving challenges — don’t be lulled into relying on old ways; they are less likely to work, particularly if you've cleared the decks last year. After all, resolving a problem can't be undertaken with the same thinking that caused it.


How we respond to this year's energy — and what we focus on — depends on which personal year we're in. To work that out, see Your personal year. If you're in a personal 1-year, you will resonate perfectly with the energies of 2017 and, of all of us, find it easier to go it alone and create what you want. If in a 2-year, your focus will be on partnerships, one-to-one activity and on self-nurturing and emotional wellbeing. If in a 3-year, it's group work, and expansive thinking, embracing diversity and the big picture. If in a 4-year, it is the world of the eclectic, the unusual, the unexpected, the inventive, with the possibility of breakthroughs. If in a 5-year, be adaptable and flexible as you initiate change. If in a 6-year, initiation and innovation are best expressed in small groups, in the home, in nature, creating love and beauty wherever you go. If in a 7-year, it's beginning the inner journey and going it alone, but less in the physical world. If in an 8-year, your efforts are best expressed in big organisations — finance, government, the law, organisations in general; seek to achieve balance and harmony as you start those new projects. And if in a 9-year, you might be wanting to start something new but not have completed what you know you must. Best option: complete all that stuff you didn't get to in 2016!


No matter what year you're in though, make your position completely clear from the start to avoid the possibility of any misinterpretation; make sure everyone is well-briefed on your ideas and take them along with you!


It's a tall order beginning afresh, and most of the time we shirk from it, thinking "who am I to dream so big, to undertake such and such?" Well, it is time to stand on that cliff and lean into the wind, knowing we are supported. Breathe it in deeply!


SNAPSHOT Learn to be comfortable initiating new projects, which may require going out on a limb. Be disciplined, strengthen willpower and plan carefully. New occupations or careers and new activities are favoured along with greater responsibility, in the many and various forms that can take. However, be mindful to ensure you don't take on too much so that momentum suffers through overwork. This is a year to build foundations — but sustainable and sustaining ones! Guard against an exaggerated sense of pride, egotism, or arrogance and over-confidence. By all means revel in the enhanced vitality and feel free to step up to the challenge, however, pace yourself.


FOODS+HERBS  Raisins, barley, citrus, dates, saffron, chamomile, eyebright, St John’s wort, cloves, nutmeg, sorrel, borage, gentian root, lavender, bay leaves, thyme, musk, vervain, myrrh


COLOURS to express/wear/use in 2017: Sunny or golden yellow, bright orange, royal purple


This year favours Leo people and those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month. They can make their presence felt more effectively in the world.



The year 2016 is finally wiping the slate clean and ending conflict with courage and creativity rather than more conflict. It's the fourth and final of the out-breath years, and the final year in the nine-year cycle that began in 2008.

It’s the end of a cycle. And it’s bound to be tumultuous — 9 is ruled by Mars, the god of war. It’s a testing time for all relationships on every level: between individuals, between groups, between nations. All of us will be letting go of some people with whom we no longer resonate and they with us. All of us will be reviewing any no-longer-valid ideas, attitudes, ways of doing things, and patterns of behaviour. Alliances of all shapes and sizes will change, all the way through to the ones nations forge. There will likely be arguments and deep-felt exchanges, especially for those none too happy with the changes as they are undertaken or mooted. All current relationships, partnerships, coalitions, alliances and so forth that do survive the process will most likely last through the next nine-year cycle beginning in 2017 — as will the emerging associations that begin their first steps this year. Everyone and every institution is completing longstanding tasks and toes are bound to be trodden on. It’s now time to prep for the new ways of living and relating we will soon begin embracing. As such, it is an inevitable part of the process to challenge our thinking and, if necessary, let go. It may not be so simple, however; we may find facing some decisions uncomfortable, and, for some, it could delay the completion process until next year. But persevering is worthwhile and rewarded.


This is not a time to be distracted by what others are doing; it’s not a time to copy or be unduly influenced by them either. That includes organisations as well as individual partnerships. We are all preparing for the new in 2017. One thing, though: we need to be respectful of others and be patient should there be misunderstanding or a failure to grasp the whys and wherefores of any decision. This is especially so on the world stage, when nations can be prone to meet any conflict with more of the same. They would be wise to consider a more creative approach: observe when conflict emerges; know it’s happening for a reason; figure out why; go deep and fearlessly delve into the foundation — the cause will be there. Put the sabres away; instead, pause and reflect. Remain as detached as possible, be generous and stay focused on resolving the conflict. For example, the more prosperous nations are better placed and are therefore encouraged to offer creative and mutually beneficial solutions. This, of course, also applies to anyone in an unequal power relationship.


In the first half of the year, everyone in any relationship on any level gets to assess whether that relationship and how it is structured reflects what is true and real between the people in that relationship, whether it's two partners or a multinational institution. That assessment needs to be thorough, leaving no stone unturned. Clear the decks of all that is getting in the way of the upcoming new. In the second half of 2016, it’s time to lay the groundwork for the new cycle, work out the plan and apportion who will do what. This is also when we test the waters with some new ideas, even if we are not ready to undertake them — because, in truth, we aren't. It's safe to experiment and toss up ideas.


Everyone needs to be careful not to be tempted to jump in and start anything new ahead of time, ahead of 2017. The time has to be right. Unfinished tasks must be completed first, obstacles that have been in the way, especially since the end of 2012, must be assessed and dealt with so they pose no threat to what excites ahead. Otherwise, the risk is setback or even failure. In preparation, methodical attention to detail and ensuring no one is stretched too thinly will pay off in spades. And, remember, not everything has to be done at once.


In sum, we are in dress rehearsal. We don't have to perform just yet, we are fine-tuning by removing barriers and working at getting the new script just right. Opening night isn't until 2017. Use the time to gather the necessary resources and people we want to play with. You will want to look and feel and be your best as the curtain rises and you step through the gateway to the new life that awaits.


PERSONAL WELLBEING Be mindful as we are all more prone to jump at what seem like too-good-to-be-missed opportunities. We get the taste of what’s possible and we feel quite strong, and even feel invincible as we revel in the changes we’re making or think we can make and we go beyond where we're standing. It's wise to pace ourselves. Keep healthy, both physically (well-balanced diet, activity) and mentally (yoga, meditation, time out, time in nature) for there is often much to do, much to process.


FOODS+HERBS Rhubarb, horseradish, tomatoes, mustard seed, ginger, pepper, juice of nettles


SNAPSHOT Be detached, chip away at those to-do lists. Complete tasks methodically. Let go of what no longer resonates. Be firm about it. Create space for new projects and relationships. Don’t bother with the superficial. Only plan in the short-run, just this year.


COLOURS to express/wear/use in 2016: crimson, ruby red, true blue, pure white


Aries people and Scorpios and those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month can shine in 2016 and make their presence felt more effectively in the world.



The year 2015 is all about justice and balance.
It is the third of the out-breath years, the eighth year
in the nine-year cycle that began in 2008.

Everything that comes our way we deserve, whether that be rewards, breakthroughs and accelerated learning or delays, frustrations, setbacks — and on any and every level from personal to global. Our perspective on the purpose of our relationships, the structures of our organisations, including governments, especially big government and big corporations matures more this year. It’s time to break free of the past, of old attitudes and ways of thinking. However, be patient; we are counselled to remember it doesn’t all happen at once although at times we may feel as though it is. We may feel as though we are cramming in a lot of learning, that the lessons we are facing in our relationships with others seem to come on top of each other. This applies to our relationships with institutions, again on every level. 


Time will also either appear to speed up or slow down. The past is important; it would be wise to examine our previous experiences and associations with others. We may feel drawn to learning from the past; we may find ourselves asking: ’’what did we do last time we were confronted by this situation?’’ It is certainly a time when are drawn to the wisdom of the elders, so to speak: learn from those wiser than oneself, listen to their stories. There is something attractive about the reliability of lessons learned and the wisdom gained. Let go of those you no longer resonate with — in personal relationships through to groups and organisations; this is a time to create space for new people and groups who will begin to enter our lives now and next year and be influential for at least the next nine. The energy of the 8 is ambitious, reflecting a determination to steadfastly pursue tasks, using carefully thought through plans, applying attention to detail, and concentrating the mental faculties in the pursuit of a goal or goals.


In short, this is a year of gaining wisdom. If there are setbacks or delays, there’s some serious thinking to do; think about that which emerged in 2014, our 7-year, for the source of the problem. If we feel as though we are achieving your goals as this year progresses, then it will be because we established the foundations for success in 2013 and then used 2014 to go deep and examine our goals and determined if they were a true reflection of what is important to us, both personally and socially. If not, we are encouraged to plan better, ignoring those nagging doubts and fears, both from within and outside. If we want to succeed this year, we must be determined to do what it takes to do so. A plan of action is the beginning.


PERSONAL WELLBEING Self-care, as opposed to institutional care, is favoured, whether it be physical, emotional or mental. This is not to say the advice of others or their help, especially health professionals, should be ignored. The year simply favours further self-enquiry and relying less on others.


FOODS+HERBS Carrots, broccoli, celery, spinach, wintergreen, angelica, sage, plantain, vervain, elderflower.


SNAPSHOT Determine what is possible realistically, recognise the blocks and remove them. See the bigger picture. Everything must be explained clearly. Listen to the inner voice before speaking or acting. No holding back anymore, it’s time to make the changes we’ve longed for. Strive for balance in all our collective endeavours.


COLOURS to express/wear/use in 2015: indigo, all shades of brown, dark green and navy blue


Capricorns and those born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month can shine in 2015 and make their presence felt in the world.



The year 2014 is the second of the out-breath years,
the seventh year in the nine-year cycle that began in 2008.

This year is a time to embark upon the internal journey, the journey that precedes the gaining of wisdom. It's a time for meditating and contemplating the inner life and its meaning, to explore the depths. And it applies to individuals as well organisations, corporations and governments. A key question to ask is: "What is this for? Is it serving its true and intended purpose and need?" While there may be times when we will likely feel out of our depths, there'll also be moments of understanding and clarity — sometimes only when we delve into matters deeply do we see. Remember, things are not always what they seem; watch for what’s below the surface or hidden from view.


While there may be calls on our time, it is important to try to remain as detached as possible. Individuals and small groups may seek their own counselling; larger organisations may engage outside consultation — especially if you or they didn’t build a solid foundation in 2013. Avoid getting so involved in the world of the he-said-she-said. Likewise, it’s best to avoid arguments; as not only are individuals more sensitive to conflict, so too are organisations and governments — there's less chance of success if that path is pursued. The world will also continue to face 'loss' — death, changes in relationships, business closure, political change — however, we are more likely to be able to deal with it than in other years. And that 'loss' is the harbinger of understanding the underlying.


Anxiety is a potential problem this year. People are more likely to be more easily worried, annoyed and frustrated. Which is to be expected when the territory is unfamiliar, when people are exploring the inner depths of life. As much as is possible, organise one's personal and working life so as to create time and space to explore. That way you’ll get more done and feel more at peace. Avoid the “Why me?” response to adversity. A more fruitful question to ask would be: "What am I learning from this?"


The inner journey is necessarily less collaborative, so we are more inclined to be more on our own this year. We are attracted to reading inspired texts, watching inspiring films and listening to inspiring music — that which allows for reflection and contemplation. Spending time near water helps: a placid lake or river, a swim or more relaxing baths or even adding a water feature to your lounge room, bedroom or garden if you don't already have one.


The issue of drugs and alcohol — and the true connection they are largely used to replace — will come more into focus in 2014.


This is not a particularly material year and whatever foundations were laid in 2013 will be relied upon to sustain the year. It would be prudent therefore to be careful as to how resources are used. It is a time for the world to learn about the true value of things and decide what truly matters. It’s not only about making money. Look within, not outside.


PERSONAL WELLBEING Allow for time out, for dreaming, daydreaming, for walks by the water, for quiet times, for meditation, contemplation and self-reflection.


FOODS+HERBS lettuce, cabbage, endive, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, cranberries, linseeds, juices of all fruits and the herbs: chicory and sorrel


SNAPSHOT Take each day as it comes, rather than plan too far ahead; it robs us of a true present. Only in those moments of listening intently and attentively to the inner voice can we hope to understand the foundation of our lives, as well as the institutions we create. Acknowledge the workings of the 'unseen', the behind-the-scenes, what the inner journey reveals. Doing so will ensure true growth, which is ultimately not material.


COLOURS to express/wear/use in 2014: sea green, light yellow, aqua, pink, white


Pisceans and those born on the 7th, 14th and 25th of any month can shine in 2014 and make their presence felt in the world.



The year 2013 is the first of the out-breath years,
the sixth year in the nine-year cycle that began in 2008.

It's now time to evolve and make real all we've been learning over the past five years. The involution years — the gathering of knowledge and information and exploring — are over for a while, and we've just passed through the transition of 2012. It's now time to relax a bit, breathe out and turn all that knowledge and awareness into practice and action.


This year is all about beauty; being in nature; out in the fresh air; cleaning up the house, yard, street, the park, the beach, town, the city, the state, the country, in fact, the whole Earth. So roll up those sleeves, and love this planet free. It's also about — aw shucks — loving everyone, family, friends, people in the neighbourhood, 'strangers', the whole human race. And with as few conditions as possible — none would be even better. And it's about intimacy, especially in small circles, that is, little parties and modest gatherings, particularly at home. That means making your surrounds a reflection of how you'd like the world to be.


The pace of life should slow a bit this year — well, compared to 2012. Something of a welcome relief. It's now time to find the true meaning of security, both materially as well as within our families and friendships. For the world, it means dealing with the endemic problems in the global economy; building better foundations, avoiding risky ventures; planning prudently for the future; investing wisely, and paying off or forgiving debts. For each of us, it means being closer to our nearest and dearest, spending time and being generous with each other, as long as there's not too much extra responsibility required!


This year also favours creativity, especially music and art, and expressing it.


PERSONAL WELLBEING Spend time in nature, enjoy the company of close family and friends, express your creativity in whatever form it takes.


FOODS+HERBS Green beans, parsnips, spinach, melons, apples, peaches, apricots, figs, walnuts, almonds and the herbs mint, thyme, musk, vervain, rose leaves. Remember, though, not to enjoy the good life too much. Moderation is still the best policy despite the temptations.


SNAPSHOT Be generous in every way. Enjoy the company of others, especially family and friends. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Build strong foundations, both financially and personally.


COLOURS to express/wear/use in 2013: all pastels, especially pink and blue, also earthy tones such as green and chocolate brown


Taureans and Librans and those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month can shine in 2013 and make their presence felt in the world.



The year 2012 is the transition, the turning point year,
the midway point in the nine-year cycle that began in 2008.

The previous four years, ending on December 31, 2011, were a time of learning, absorbing and preparing the ground (called the in-breath years). From 2013, we breathe out, so to speak, and expand our thoughts and energies. The year 2012 marked a turning point, when we get to put into place what we had learned from those previous four. A time to watch for opportunities, to plan well and to act. A time of considerable movement — sometimes like quicksilver — when communication, both external and internal, is vital; when listening carefully to that inner voice, remembering lessons learned, as well as ensuring those around you are well-informed are all important. Keywords: adapt and adjust, then adapt and adjust.


What was December 21 all about?

Various writers and commentators point to December 21, 2012 as a pivotal point for the world, the end of the Mayan calendar, heralding ‘the end of the world as we know it’. From the Chaldean perspective, there are two aspects to consider.


One is provided by the number 21, which is pictured as “The Universe”, and is also known as “The Crown of the Magi” (translated in the modern context as the apex of spiritual wisdom). It promises general success, guaranteeing advancement and elevation in worldly pursuits. It indicates victory over all odds and all opposition after a long struggle, for the “Crown” is gained only after a lengthy initiation, with much soul-testing and various other tests of determination. This day carries with it a most fortunate vibration, a number of reward for having endured.


The other is provided by the underlying or subtle energy of the day, which is the number 11, so found by adding 21 (2+1=3), 12 (1+2=3) and 2012 (2+0+1+2=5) to give us 3+3+5=11. Although 11 is referred to as a master number and people often consider it blessed, it's not necessarily a bed of roses — there are challenges to be met and they are not always obvious. Indeed, there are some hidden trials. Still, mastering those challenges is what mastership is all about.


The number 11 is about any two seemingly opposed ways of seeing things, whereby the interaction between the two is being constantly tested by some third force. Often it's about ideas, for instance, left and right, old and new ways of doing something or seeing the world. There’s this illusion of separation — that these views are fundamentally different and irreconcilable, when in truth both are useful to each other and both can teach us so much; when in balance you can see it! The challenge is to see that interfering third force simply as a reminder of what still blocks us. It could be fear, a common enough human reaction to a supposed 'extreme'. Both views are valid in their own right and one challenge will be not to be attached to either. Can we learn to discern what feels right from both 'sides' of something and arrive at a new personal equilibrium, even when it keeps on changing? Can we learn to move with that constantly changing 'dance' while still keeping our own personal rhythm? Can we allow ourselves the space and freedom to take what feels right from the interplay of these new energies to arrive at a new balance without taking sides? In other words, there's something to learn from everything, so rather than judging that new information because it may be unsettling, instead synthesise it, filter it and add what feels right. To find that balance and to know it intimately is the gift of this master number.


In sum, the day December 21, 2012, represented victory after a long and testing struggle, which has as its goal finding true balance in the world, where the various ways of seeing the world are respected and allowed to stand on their own feet without judgement.


PERSONAL WELLBEING Remember to rest, sleep well and ensure your surroundings are quiet as times are changeable, when nothing lasts long. Don’t take things too seriously. Keep your ventures short-term as far as possible; no long-term partnerships. Live from week-to-week as much as possible. Don't be afraid of job or even career changes.


FOODS+HERBS Parsnips, carrots, sea vegetables, oats, parsley, hazelnuts, walnuts, sweet marjoram, caraway seeds, thyme


SNAPSHOT Change, change, change. Be flexible in negotiations, adaptable to new circumstances.


COLOURS to express/wear/use in 2012: pearl grey, light green and silver


Geminis and Virgos and those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month can shine in 2012 and make their presence felt in the world.