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Personal readings
The study of numbers or numerology is a branch of knowledge that deals with the occult or mystical significance of numbers. While there were a number of different systems of numerology in the world — including African, Arabic, Hebrew and the Abracadabra systems — nowadays there are just two widely-used ones: the Chaldean and the Pythagorean. Both use your name and date of birth and both suggest the name reflects your character, and birthdate reflects your destiny, what you 'chose' to do and experience this lifetime. However, the values each assigns to the letters of the Roman alphabet and the meaning of the numbers above 10 differ.


The Pythagorean system is said to have originated from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, (c. 570–c. 495 BC). Pythagorean Numerology is the most popular of the two, perhaps because it’s easier to learn — the letters are assigned a value in sequential order, ie, A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6 and so forth.


Chaldean Numerology, on the other hand, dates back to the time the Chaldeans ruled Babylonia — an historical region within the Tigris–Euphrates river system, roughly corresponding to most of IraqKuwait, the eastern parts of Syria, Southeastern Turkey, and regions along the Turkish–Syrian and Iran–Iraq borders — between the late 10th or early 9th and mid-6th centuries BC. It is very closely related to India’s Vedic system and the Qaballic system of the Jewish mystics and draws on the premise that each letter has a unique vibration, based on its sound, and that certain numbers are assigned to letters based on that vibrational value. For example, ’d’ and ’t’ have the same value, as do ’i’ and ’y’. As well, no letter is assigned to the number 9, for the Chaldeans considered the number 9 holy and sacred, and thus to be held apart from the rest of the numbers. The number 9 has the power to raise the vibratory value of a given number without altering its underlying essence. (Add 9 to any number and it always reduces to that number, for example, add 9 to 14, which is 23, which reduces to a 5 (2+3=5); 14 is also a 5 (1+4=5).


These patterns are then translated into a language that provides a blueprint of potential choices to play out your mission, so to speak, based on your name and date of birth. Knowing our vibrational blueprint allows us to be consciously aware of what is specifically available to us as we shape our path in life. It is, therefore, possible to learn to align our decisions to the inner vibrations that are constantly flowing outward from the centre of our being toward our environment. For a little more on the history of Chaldean numerology, check out this extract from The Rediscovery of Chaldean Numerology by Leeya Brooke Thompson.

The sounds in our spoken language resonate at different vibrational frequencies, which are associated with the numbers. Our name gives us the signature of who we are, while the birthdate indicates the path of evolutionary growth we’ve chosen, on a soul level, to take.

Leeya Brooke Thompson

How I got into numerology

I had known of Pythagorean numerology since the early 1980s, but wasn’t drawn to it. It seemed too complex to me. Some years later, I was given Star Signs by Linda Goodman and got caught up in a lengthy chapter on Chaldean numerology. I decided to try it out on family and friends — just doing their numbers, not readings — and was struck by its simplicity and accuracy. So began a hobby that was only truly put to the test in the mid-1990s when I was invited to read for customers of a restaurant in Sydney that featured a ‘psychics’ night once a week. They were 10-minute reads and only provided an overview, but were well-received. Even a skeptic or two were a little surprised. Reading for someone off the street, so to speak, also gave me the confidence to begin fuller readings more formally and in more detail. I’ve read for too-many-to-count since then.


Readings usually take about 60-90 minutes. There’s plenty of time to ask questions. You’ll also receive a PDF emailed to you of the key elements of the reading plus some extra information. While readings are best face-to-face, they can be done over the phone or via Zoom/FaceTime.



If you’d like to find out more about a reading, including fees, use this contact form to email me.

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