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Your personal year

Numerology suggests we move through life in 9-year cycles, with each year in the cycle beginning on our birthdays. The first four years of the cycle are what are called the 'in-breath' years when we gather knowledge and gain awareness and experience. The fifth or middle year is a year of transition — we are neither breathing in nor out — when we get to take stock, make some needed changes and prepare for the next four. Years 6 through 9 are the 'out-breath' years, when we are inclined and encouraged to act on the previous five and express what we've gathered. Of course, the learning doesn't stop; we're always learning, even as we express ourselves.


Numerology doesn't so much predict the future; rather it indicates the kinds of challenges and adventures we're likely to experience in a particular year. While each new year begins on our birthday, if we observe carefully, we can discern a subtle shift in experience beginning around six weeks before our birthdays. The energy of the new personal year grows slowly over that period. Similarly, we may also notice the energy of the old year doesn't leave immediately; rather it fades slowly over the six weeks following our birthdays.



Add the reduced number of the day you were born to the numerological value of your sun sign to the reduced number of the year in which your last birthday occurred.




  • 9   Aries, Scorpio

  • 6   Taurus, Libra

  • 5   Gemini, Virgo

  • 2   Cancer

  • 1    Leo

  • 3   Sagittarius

  • 8   Capricorn

  • 4   Aquarius

  • 7   Pisces


For example, for someone born on September 23

  • The day they were born: 23. Add 2+3=5

  • Sun sign Libra: 6

  • Year of last birthday: 2019. Add 2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3 

  • So, 5 + 6 + 3= 14, which reduces to 5 (1+4=5). 

  • Therefore the person is in a 5-year.



Click on the appropriate number

Number 1 year


This is the beginning of a new 9-year cycle. It’s time to begin new projects, meet new people and widen your circle of friends. Be positive, confident and optimistic because this year affects the next nine. Choose well the people with whom you wish to be involved.


The world around you feels new, explore it with zest and enthusiasm. The energy about you is very creative, so be original in solving challenges — don’t be lulled into relying on old ways; develop new ways of doing things.


Plan big. You’ve cleared the decks last year and it’s now time to plant the new seeds. Provided you’ve put in the right seeds, you’ll reap the rewards. Check your plans for any flaws, listen to your inner voice: “what do I really want?” Once you’ve thought through your options and made a decision that’s entirely right for you, go for it.


You're more inclined to want to go it alone this year. Avoid go-betweens, unless they’re well-briefed on your ideas and you can be sure they’ll act in your best interests. Make your position completely clear from the start to avoid the possibility of any misinterpretation.


You’re more attracted to the company of Leos this year.


HEALTH Eyes, blood pressure, the heart, lower back. Watch for possible feelings of negativity to do with stress, overwork or responses to emotional situations; it’s not always easy embarking on a new course. 


• Months to watch: October, November, December

• Foods to enjoy: raisins, barley, citrus, dates

• Herbs: saffron, chamomile, eyebright, St John’s wort, cloves, nutmeg, sorrel, borage, gentian root, lavender, bay leaves, thyme, musk, vervain, myrrh


EMOTIONAL LIFE New relationships bring the excitement of the new, or existing ones improve – all likely to be significant longer-term. You’re feeling more vitality and more virility and ready to step up to the challenge.


FINANCES/CAREER Financial gain is possible through new ventures. New jobs or careers likely; you can ask for more money if you wish. More responsibility, including financial, is also likely and while you can afford to take it on, check you don’t overwork. This is a year to build foundations.


SNAPSHOT Guard against an exaggerated sense of pride, egotism, or arrogance and over-confidence. Learn to be comfortable initiating new projects, which may require going out on a limb. Be disciplined, strengthen your willpower and plan carefully.


COLOURS Sunny or golden yellow, bright orange, royal purple


Number 2 year



This is a year to relax more. It’s a time for partnerships, teamwork, and for determining which of those new friends you met last year are “real”. Cultivate them well as they are likely to form a significant part of your circle in the coming years. You’re more likely to associate with people born under the sign of Cancer.


Your domestic home life takes centre stage; you’re thinking about where and how you live. Maintain the momentum you created last year and focus on the task at hand. Keep mentally alert. It is a time for gaining self-confidence, building on the new pathways you opened last year, so feel free to begin courses of self-improvement.


Be receptive to the needs of others and by all means be open to helping them, provided it doesn’t impinge upon your plans. Others may seek to take advantage of that receptivity; so be wary, particularly if you feel it weighing you down.


Some of the ‘seeds’ you planted last year will now begin to bud and gather strength. Surprising success is likely as a result of those new friendships. Accept and welcome their help.


There’s likely to be a stronger connection with your family, in particular, your opposite-sex parent, and you are likely to intuit a better understanding of both parents.


HEALTH Stomach, digestive disorders; for women, the breast and chest area. Be careful not to overwork or worry too much about others. 


• Months to watch: January, February, July

• Foods to enjoy: lettuce, cabbage, turnips, cucumber, melon 

• Herbs: chicory, endive, linseed, plantain


EMOTIONAL LIFE Seek the stability of those who offer emotional security. Be more aware of your needs in relationships: if the relationship’s worth being in, stay with it and work to make it strong; if it’s not, leave. It’s up to you to do the instigating. If you are not with a partner and want to be, look about you; they’ll be there.


FINANCES/CAREER The focus is on sound financial investment and for the longer term, so invest wisely. As long as you’re not reckless, you should prosper. Some unexpected financial success is possible courtesy of offers and opportunities initiated last year. By the same token, any financial blunders could take some time to right, so forewarned is forearmed. There are also offers of advancement in your career; be ready to accept them.


SNAPSHOT Build on the newly-initiated and the confidence that comes with that. Be wary of over-caution and of anxiety caused by worrying too much about others. Seek self-development and improvement.


COLOURS light green, pale yellow, silver, violet, lavender


Number 3 year



The keywords for this year are idealism, optimism, expansion and group work. Present your case well and communicate your ideas and needs clearly as it’s possible you could be misunderstood.


You’re likely to be pulled in a variety of directions as you search for your world. Once there, explore that world. Your challenge is to keep up with the diversity of activity and interests as well as with the pace of the momentum you create. Because you have so many “irons in the fire”, sometimes there’s a distinct lack of responsibility. You’re just too busy playing a combination of wise philosopher and happy-go-lucky adventurer. You’re likely to meet more Sagittarians. Your new adventures could mean less contact with family and friends, and you could no longer resonate with some people.


If creatively-inclined, explore those talents. Your higher or spiritual learning is favoured.


It would be wise to take time out to plan how you will use this year and to periodically assess your progress. Towards the end of your 3-year, it would be prudent to undertake a major assessment of your various activities and reduce your commitments in readiness for the 4-year. This would be a time to take some time out.


HEALTH Strained nervous system due to overwork and a lack of sleep. Skin, liver disorders, thigh or hip problems. 


• Months to watch: February, June, September, December (time to ease up and relax more)

• Foods to enjoy: beetroot, all berries, apples, asparagus, peaches, olives, rhubarb, cherries, endive, pineapple, grapes, almonds, figs, hazelnuts and wheat (if allergy-free)

• Herbs: borage, dandelion, sage, mint, saffron, nutmeg, cloves, sweet marjoram, St John’s wort


EMOTIONAL LIFE A very creative, expansive and sensuous year. Be careful you don’t extend yourself too widely. You’re likely to expand your circle of relationships, which may have consequences for a significant partner.


FINANCES/CAREER This is your year to secure the foundations. Usually, it’s a time of being supported as you pursue your path. Feel free to spend the “riches of your labours”. Go places with it. However, towards the end of the 3-year, take fewer risks and begin to save for the 4-year.


SNAPSHOT Cultivate optimism. Be confident. You are capable of pursuing your chosen course; you can make an impression now. Be clear and speak clearly about what you want.


COLOURS autumnal colours, yellow, burnt orange, rust, turquoise, sky blue, purple


Number 4 year


GENERAL PRECIS Expect the unexpected. You’ll feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. You’ll be taken in directions you may have never imagined, which is why it’s smart to take each day as it comes.


The keyword for this year is awakening and as is often the case for many of us we only ever wake up in a time of crisis. Remember you can close your eyes on the rollercoaster and pretend it’s not happening or you can stay alert, eyes wide open, prepared to view all the intriguing possibilities. As 4 resonates to Aquarius, you’ll find yourself associating with more Aquarians. The challenge that comes with being on the rollercoaster is to embrace the freedom and to stretch the mind.


There are bound to be some major decisions so think things through even though you might be more than tempted to rebel and choose to ignore them. See the bigger picture.


It’s possible you could change careers and lose friends and lovers; know that you have both outgrown each other, especially if they aren’t able to accept the changes in your life. If necessary, seek the advice of therapists and/or guides, anyone you feel can help you understand what you’re experiencing. As you are more open to possibilities, others may be drawn to you seeking your counsel. Accept the challenge provided they don’t overwhelm you.


Expect to meet people with unusual interests and expect conversations about ideas that will intrigue and fascinate you. Some of these will have different backgrounds to you. You’ll be drawn to learn more, and so join with others with similar interests. The profound shifts in awareness swelling to the surface are for your growth and benefit over the longer term.


HEALTH Stress-related ailments, pain to the head and back, lower legs. Some ailments could be difficult to diagnosis, seek alternative therapies. Get plenty of exercise, yoga, have massages, especially during times of stress. Remember to take time out to relax. 


• Months to watch: January, February, July, August, September

• Foods to enjoy: spinach

• Herbs: sage, wintergreen


EMOTIONAL LIFE Your inner feelings come to the surface. Your need for intimacy is changing: for some there’s a greater need, for others less. Don’t neglect this part of your life.


FINANCES/CAREER This is not typically a materialistic period. Manage your money wisely, as you could experience fluctuations. When obstacles appear don’t run from them, face them. Career-wise, there could be a change of direction. If you feel your job or career path isn’t right for you, follow the path that beckons. If unsure, stay put; there’s enough uncertainty as it is.


SNAPSHOT Develop a flexible attitude towards the rollercoaster, let go and enjoy where the ride takes you. Patience is rewarded. Those you meet this year will help you see how to break free from any stagnation in which you may find yourself.


COLOURS electric blue, cobalt blue, silver grey, ocean green


Number 5 year



This is the turning point year. The last four years have been your in-breath years, when you learn, absorb, prepare the ground. This year is to get yourself ready to breathe out.


Watch for opportunities; there’ll be plenty of them. Plan well and remember this is an excellent time to act. The keywords now are 'adapt and adjust', then 'adapt and adjust' again, and so on. Sometimes the change will happen overnight, sometimes you won’t even recognise it until months later.


You’ll associate with more Geminis and Virgos. You may also find the months ruled by these two signs (May 22-June 22, August 24-September 23) key turning points. This is a time of meeting people, of going places; however, pace yourself, don’t overdo it. Travel, either physically or mentally, is likely. Any trips will mostly be short; any long distance ones are only likely to be a short stay.


Because this is your pivotal year, don’t commit to anything long-term unless you have thought it out carefully. Develop your communication skills, and if drawn to study, undertake a course that can be completed within the year.


It is also a time to reflect upon the past four years and, if warranted, deal with issues that may have arisen during that time. This is especially so for any stumbling blocks that get in the way of your moving ahead.


HEALTH Nerves, insomnia, skin troubles, trouble with breathing, hard-to-pinpoint aches in the shoulders, arms and hands. Remember to rest, sleep well and ensure your surroundings are quiet. 


• Months to watch: June, September, December

• Foods to enjoy: parsnips, carrots, sea vegetables, oats, parsley, hazelnuts, walnuts

• Herbs: sweet marjoram, caraway seeds, thyme


EMOTIONAL LIFE There are profound meetings with a few people who will affect you in ways that, although not obvious at first, are unlikely to be forgotten. A year when nothing lasts long. You are drawn to people who can communicate well and who can stimulate you mentally. Don’t take things too seriously.


FINANCES/CAREER A favourable year for making money quickly. While it’s fine to take risks, when you do come into some extra cash, keep it safe. Put your special talents to good use. Financial ventures should be short-term as far as possible; no long-term partnerships. Live from week-to-week as much as possible. Career changes could prove beneficial, either within an existing job or a new job or career.


SNAPSHOT Change, change, change.


COLOURS pearl grey, light green and silver


Number 6 year



The pace of life slows this year. Generally, you feel happier, more secure within your family and circle of friends, and it's likely you'll feel more materially successful.


This is a pleasurable, more romantic time and it’s better for partnerships of all kinds. You’ll enjoy closer contact with your nearest and dearest and will want to spend as much time as possible with them. You’ll be drawn to share more with them and they’ll want to be generous with you as well. There’ll be intimate gatherings and some larger affairs. This is certain to be a more creative and expressive year. It is important to build your foundations and plan for the future. This is a good time to deal with your finances: invest, pay off debts, take out a loan. It’s a good year to renovate or move to a better place. You’ll feel drawn to be with Taureans and Librans.


HEALTH You should observe a subtle yet discernible improvement in your health and wellbeing this year. Areas to watch are the heart, throat, nose, upper lungs, chest and breast, kidneys, bladder. Get plenty of fresh air, exercise and rest. Don’t overeat or enjoy the good life too much. Moderation is still the best policy despite the temptations. 


• Months to watch: May, October, November

• Foods to enjoy: beans, parsnips, spinach, melons, apples, peaches, apricots, figs, walnuts, almonds

• Herbs: mint, thyme, musk, vervain, rose leaves


EMOTIONAL LIFE Matters of the heart are likely to rule and you’ll feel more emotional. You’re more romantically-inclined as well. While you may feel pressure or be asked to ‘mother’ people, it would be wise to remain as detached as possible; this is not a time to take on too much responsibility.


FINANCES/CAREER This year is about organising your life to bring you security. There’s the possibility of extra funds, however, don’t take unnecessary risks; remember to build the foundations.


SNAPSHOT Be generous in every way. Enjoy the company of others, especially family and friends. Spend as much time in fresh air as possible. Build that foundation, both in terms of financial security and loving relationships and the rest of your 9-year cycle will benefit enormously.


COLOURS all pastels, especially pink and blue, also earth tones such as green and chocolate brown


Number 7 year



This is a more spiritually-inclined time, a time when mystical and metaphysical teachings interest you. It’s a time to embark on that journey within, to meditate and contemplate your inner life, the meaning of your life, to explore the depths, your fears and anxieties. While you might feel out of your depth at times, you’ll also enjoy moments of understanding and clarity.


Dreams are fertile territory, remember them. If need be, have them analysed so you can understand them. Others may seek your counsel and you may be drawn to help. However, be careful. By all means, help, but try to remain detached. (On the other hand, you may seek counselling, especially if you didn’t build that foundation last year.) Likewise, it’s best to avoid arguments; particularly as you’re more sensitive to conflict. If there’s personal loss (death, a relationship changes), you’re more likely to be able to deal with it than in other years. Things are not always what they seem; watch for what’s below the surface or hidden from view.


You’ll want to be on your own more this year. Read, listen to inspiring music, spend as much time as possible near water, which has a calming effect on you. Sit by the lake or river, take a swim or have more relaxing baths or add a water feature to your loungeroom or bedroom.


Minimise or avoid alcohol and drugs. Pisceans come to the fore.


HEALTH Anxiety is a potential problem this year. You’re more easily worried, annoyed and frustrated. As long as your personal and work lives are running smoothly, you’ll get plenty done and feel at peace. If troubled by others – and there’s a tendency to worry too much about others – not only is there extra stress, but you can become melancholic due to overwork. Avoid the “Why me?” response to adversity; go within to figure it out. Avoid situations where you could feel dragged down – practice detachment. Generally, your skin is more sensitive, and there could be digestive disorders. 


• Months to watch: January, February, July, August

• Foods to enjoy: lettuce, cabbage, endive, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, cranberries, juices of all fruits

• Herbs: chicory, linseed, sorrel


EMOTIONAL LIFE Spiritual growth is the cornerstone. There’s much discussion about the depth and significance of your relationships, both lover and friendships. You’ll know who your real friends are. Being more sensitive, you’re less able to tolerate arguments or argumentative people.


FINANCES/CAREER This is not a particularly material year, so you’ll be relying on whatever foundations you laid last year to sustain you. While you may come into some extra money, be careful you don’t fritter it away. This is a time to learn about the true value of things in life, what really matters. It’s not about making money. Look within for the source of that learning. Careers or interests to do with water or liquids are favoured.


SNAPSHOT Take each day as it comes. Listen intently and attentively to your inner voice. This is a time to figure out or solve more of the ‘mysteries’ of your life. If you can acknowledge the workings of spirit and the power of your internal journey, growth is assured.


COLOURS sea green, light yellow, aqua, pink, white


Number 8 year



This is a year of justice and balance. Everything that comes your way you deserve, whether that be rewards, breakthroughs and accelerated learning or delays, frustrations, setbacks. Your perspective on life matures more. It’s time to break free of the past, of old attitudes and ways of thinking.


However, be patient; it doesn’t all happen at once although at times you’ll feel as though it is. You’ll feel you’re cramming in a lot of learning, that your lessons seem to come on top of each other. Time will also either appear to speed up or slow down. The past is important; examine your previous experiences and associations with others. You’ll feel drawn to those older than you; learn from them, listen to their stories. You’ll appreciate their reliability. Let go of those you no longer resonate with; this is a time to create space for new people who will begin to enter your life now and next year and be influential for at least the next nine.


This is a year of gaining wisdom. If there are setbacks or delays, there’s some serious thinking to do; think about that which emerged in your 7-year for the source of the problem. If you feel as if you’re achieving your goals as this year progresses, then it will be because you established the foundations for success. If not, you need to plan better; ignore those nagging doubts and fears, both from within and outside. If you want to succeed, you must be determined to do what it takes to do so. A plan of action is the beginning.


You’re likely to meet more Capricorns.


HEALTH The liver and intestines may prove troublesome; as will headaches. Lighten your diet to improve digestion, watch your alcohol intake, make sure you’re well-nourished. Avoid damp atmospheres. As the year progresses you’ll feel stronger. 


• Months to watch: January, February, July, December

• Foods to enjoy: carrots, broccoli, celery, spinach

• Herbs: wintergreen, angelica, sage, plantain, vervain, elderflower


EMOTIONAL LIFE There may be times when you will be on your own; take the opportunity to reflect upon the last few years, but last year in particular: what did you learn about your innermost self? what will you do about it? Communication is especially important now as you gain wisdom and your thinking matures. The opinions of others are not so important right now. This is a time to cultivate your sense of self-worth. Make a list of your achievements and what you still feel you have to do. It’ll be useful in preparation for the year and next — the last in your personal 9-year cycle. You’ll feel emotionally drawn to those older than yourself.


FINANCES/CAREER Balance is the keyword. If rewards are due, you’ll receive them; if debts are to be paid, they will be due this year. Budgeting is smart; only spend on the essentials. Be realistic and modest: if you don’t have it, don’t flaunt it. Career-wise, you’ll ask yourself: is this the right job for me? If not, find one that is. The change, whether voluntary or involuntary, is appropriate to your growth.


SNAPSHOT Realise your potential, recognise the blocks to that potential and remove them. See the bigger picture. There’s no point comparing yourself to others. Explain yourself clearly. Listen to the inner voice. If you’ve held yourself back, resolve to make the change you’ve longed for. Refer to how you resolved similar challenges in the past: “what did you learn last time this happened?” Strive for balance in all endeavours.


COLOURS indigo, all shades of brown, dark green and navy blue


Number 9 year



This is the end of a cycle. This is bound to be a tumultuous time – 9 is ruled by Mars, the god of war. It’s a testy time for all relationships: you’ll let go of some people with whom you no longer resonate; and you’ll argue more, especially as some may not be too happy with the changes.


Those who do survive and those who enter your circle this year will likely be part of your life for the new cycle beginning next year.You’re completing long overdue tasks and are bound to tread on some toes. This is the time to ready yourself for the new life you will soon be embracing. So, it is perfectly natural to challenge your thinking and, if necessary, let go of any outdated ideas, attitudes, ways of doing things, patterns of behaviour, where you live, where you work. In the first half of the year, assess your life up until that point. Be thorough; leave no stone unturned. Clear the decks of all that can get in the way of the new. In the second half, lay the groundwork for the new cycle. Test the waters with some of your new ideas; feel free to explore new interests; alter your physical world if necessary.


You’re preparing yourself for the new, not others. So respectfully decline to get involved in their lives to the point where it detracts from your preparation. And remember to be patient with those who may not understand your insights. 


You may feel tempted to jump in and start the new project ahead of time, particularly if you’ve felt as though you’ve been treading water a bit over the last three years. Don’t. The time is not right and the project is unlikely to work out. Equally, don’t take on everything at once. Do it methodically and don’t stretch yourself too thinly.


You are at your best to capitalise on the momentum you have created over the past few years. Ready yourself to step through the gateway. Read uplifting and inspiring books; focus on the positive aspects of these impending projects. In the last month or so, you’ll begin to feel the first impulses of the new cycle, so start the planning.


You’ll attract Aries people and Scorpios.


HEALTH Headaches, a few quick-to-appear, quick-to-dissipate illnesses. You should recover from ill-health relatively quickly this year. A few minor problems, such as cuts, bruises, scars, the odd accident, infections and inflammations are likely. Be mindful as you are more accident-prone. You’re likely to feel quite strong, and even feel invincible as you revel in the changes you’re making, although it would be wise to pace yourself. Keep yourself healthy for there is often much to do, much to process. While at times your health could suffer you generally bounce back quite quickly. Avoid rich food and alcohol, especially wine. 


• Months to watch: February, April, May, October, November

• Foods to enjoy: rhubarb, horseradish, tomatoes (unless there’s an allergy)

• Herbs: mustard seed, ginger, pepper, juice of nettles


EMOTIONAL LIFE Those close to you may have difficulty accepting the changes you’re making in your life. If so, respectfully ignore them. This is a time when you’ll let go of those you with whom you no longer resonate. (Others may let go of you as well, because they’re not comfortable with the changes you’re making.) When feeling conflict, often the first instinct is to meet the conflict with more of the same. Consider a more creative approach: be respectful when it emerges, take a little time out, breathe, remain as detached as possible and stay focussed on your aims, even if it may be painful for others.


FINANCES/CAREER As conflict or misunderstanding is likely at work, be as detached as possible. You may find you’re having to make some decisions you’ve been unwilling to face. You may be thinking to change jobs or even your career, however, it is advised you wait until your new cycle; there is still some work to complete. Or, if you must make the change in the year, do so provided the decision does not leave you without resources for the next year. Prepare the groundwork first. Financially, it would be prudent not to fritter money away foolishly; you will need it at the start of the new cycle to initiate new projects.


SNAPSHOT Be detached in your dealings with people. Create space for new projects, people, career. Don’t bother with the superficial. Complete tasks. Only plan in the short-run. Let go of anything that no longer resonates.


COLOURS crimson, ruby red, true blue, pure white


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