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Almost done: 2019 has been very much a 3-year

Updated: Jan 4

Lebanon 2019

This year is almost done; barely a month to go before we hit the 4-year of 2020 — more about that in January. Much like cramming for an exam the night before, the last few months of any year are usually jam-packed with events and activities that reflect some kind of unfinished business reflective of the numerology of that year.

From my take on 2019, the key words and phrases for 2019 were: Cultivate optimism and confidence. Branch out. Explore. Expand horizons. There’s strength in our diversity of thought. Articulate: be very clear and communicate clearly. Go deep, find out why. Revel in revelation.

And the world has been doing just that. I suppose the most vivid examples of expanding horizons, branching out and revelling in revelation would be the protests and demonstrations occurring across the globe right now. There’s Hong Kong, Iraq, Lebanon, Chile, Catalonia, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, France, the UK, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela — all of which have experienced popular unrest. Common themes include calling out corruption; challenging the loss of freedom, the imposition of austerity, and the rising cost of living; a lack of spending on infrastructure; the widening gap between the haves and the have nots; the failure of globalism. There have also been the climate change rallies, including Extinction Rebellion.

The conflicts are being exposed to the light of day for all to see. While the mainstream media mostly confines its coverage to sensation and spectacle (‘if it bleeds it leads’), more people are waking up and seeing below the surface. They are piercing the veil, seeing through the obfuscation and the spin. They are questioning the dominant narrative. And the internet is helping facilitate the deep dive. More of us can now wander down the many rabbit holes in search of broader perspectives. It’s very much a 3-year, and perfect preparation for the 4-year.

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