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Wake up, unload the elephant and create some room for your mind to go exploring

Updated: Jan 1

How we say things out loud does change the vibration of the word, phrase or, in this case, the year itself.


In my read for 2022, I touched on this year as 20 22, spoken as two separate numbers. Now that we’ve moved more into the 2020s, it is more common to hear people calling each year slightly differently. For instance, 2022 is being called as ‘twenty twenty-two’, less so as ‘two thousand and twenty-two’. It's quicker to say, I suppose! We weren’t doing that as much before 2020. People mostly called the year 2019 as ‘two thousand and nineteen’ rather than ‘twenty nineteen’. When we say 20 22, we add an extra layer to the year, giving us an expanded story.

So, 20 is The Awakening, as well as “The Judgement”.

Read for the whole world, at some point in our collective journey through the 21st century, there’s a powerful awakening; it may be gradual — with little awakenings on the way or it may be dramatic, powerful enough to change the course of our lives. Either way, it brings forth a new purpose, new plans, new ambitions — the call to action for some great cause or ideal. There may be occasional delays and obstacles to our plans — the last two years have, at times, felt like that. However, through learning patience — the challenge of the 20 — and continually cultivating faith in our own power and capacity to transform, we can be successful. The 20 brings the blessing of vivid precognitive dreams, plus the ability to manifest the happy ones and cancel the negative ones. This is not a material number, though. But if we can learn to be comfortable with the 20, the material won’t matter so much; there’ll be enough for the basics in life.

Now, the 22. The Chaldeans offer this analogy: “a good person, blinded by the folly of others, with a knapsack on his/her back, full of errors.”

He or she appears to offer “no defence against a ferocious tiger that is about to attack him/her; a good person living in a fool’s paradise; a dreamer of dreams who awakens only when surrounded by danger, when it’s often too late.” The number 22 cautions us to be careful of illusion and delusion. There are risks associated with mistakes in judgement, of placing faith in those who aren’t trustworthy. In such times, it’s best to exercise caution: the obligation is to be more alert, to curb lazy thinking, become more assertive and to realise our own power to change things. When we recognise we are responsible, fully absorb that and practice it, the 22 can be in control of events, no longer blinded by the folly of others. As a result, ideas can be achieved and dreams realised.

So, combining the 20 and the 22, this year we are being urged to wake up and realise we’ve been carrying around far too much stuff.

It’s time to identify what’s been weighing us down. And then drop it or them, either in bits or, if we’re really ready to wake up, all at once. What are those burdens? Mostly thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, ways of seeing. Any time we’re quick to accept anything from anyone or anything (governments; authorities; media, including social, and so forth) without due diligence and discernment ultimately constitutes a burden. Carrying burdens promotes rigidity; too many of them and you run the risk of breaking your back. We lose our freedom when we do that. Our judgment is clouded, we’re prone to illusion and delusion, easily manipulated and disarmed (“the ferocious tiger” we don’t see coming). And the 4 (from the 22 (2+2=4)) implores us to be free thinkers; explorers of the mind, of the world and worlds beyond; to seek knowledge and awareness; to be open to entertaining something different without prejudice. Too much blind acceptance quickly fills that sack full of errors.

So, in 2022, rifle through your mind’s closet of ideas and ferret out all that sticky, don’t-know-why-I-believe-that lazy thinking, scrutinise it and, if it feels heavy and no longer fit for purpose, jettison it. It’ll just be a whole lot of trouble for 2022 onward. We must make room for what’s next, which will be a bit leftfield, a bit unknown, and a bit exciting. And clutter just gets in the way and trips us up. We are breathing out now and wandering through life hunched over with a sack of errors won’t help! You won't know where you're going!

Portal days in February

There are two key ones, February 2 (02/02/2022) and February 22 (22/02/2022).

February 2

This day is about friendship, intimacy, intuition, caring for others, the expression of emotion. Be firm in your intention. No hesitation. Stay grounded. Let your thoughts and meditation focus on balancing these qualities so people around you are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their emotional lives even while they may, from time to time, rely on you. Be careful not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by others' expectations. Set boundaries.

Times to meditate/contemplate: 7am or 7pm to balance the day, 2am or 2pm to enhance the energy of the day.

February 22

See above. A day to focus on dropping burdens! For best effect, leave no stone unturned! In your thoughts and conversations, encourage others to assess what they are holding on to and see what can be let go. The more we do this, the more space and time we will have for freethinking.

Times to meditate/contemplate: 1am or 1pm to balance the day, 4am or 4pm to enhance the energy of the day.

TL,DR* It’s time to breathe out. Weighed down by burdens won’t help. Drop them. Put down that elephant! It’s time to wake up, and get your freethinker’s hat on.

* Too Long, Didnt Read, aka the short version

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