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This year offers an opportunity to discover obstacles, what we want to change. Go deep. Be thorough.

Updated: Jan 1

When we call the year 2023 as 20-23 (that is, twenty-twenty three, not two thousand and twenty three), there's an extra layer of meaning: it's more than it being a 7-year.


Since the year 2020, I’ve talked about how what we call any given year can potentially change our prospects for that year. Now that we’ve moved more fully into the 2020s, we mostly like to call the years differently. For instance, most of us are calling 2023 as 20-23, that is, ‘twenty, twenty-three’, and not ‘two thousand and twenty-three’. It’s shorter and we all tend to shorten everything! Before 2020, people were more often calling, say, the year 2015 as ‘two thousand and fifteen’ rather than ‘twenty fifteen’. How we say things does change the vibrational power of the word, phrase or, in this case, the year.

When we say 20-23, we raise the vibrational power of the number 20 in conjunction with the number 23. Here’s my take on how to read them together.

The number 20 is The Awakening, aka The Judgement.

Read for the whole world, at some point in our collective journey through the 21st century, there’s a powerful awakening, the bringing on of a new purpose, new plans, new ambitions — the call to action for some great cause or ideal. Or, we may wake up gradually, one ‘morning yawn’ at a time, so to speak. There may be occasional delays and obstacles to our plans — the last few years have, at times, felt like that, I’m sure! However, through learning patience — the challenge of the 20 — and continually cultivating faith in our personal power to transform, we can be successful. The 20 brings the blessing of vivid precognitive dreams as well, plus the ability to manifest the happy ones and cancel the negative ones. (A 7-year is especially good for dreaming.) This is not a material number, though, so if we can learn to be comfortable with the 20, the material won’t matter so much; there will be enough for the basics in life.

Now, the 23. The Royal Star of the Lion.

A very blessed number — arguably the most blessed of all — bestowing not only a promise of success generally, but also help and protection from those ‘in high places’. It greatly blesses us with abundant grace, particularly when accommodating change in our lives, which means we can go through that change gracefully, getting around obstacles and generally letting go with ease. Even during difficult times, the Lion’s strength is formidable. It would be wise to take advantage, and go for broke. There is great capacity to push through and thrive.

Adding them together

So, combining the 20 and the 23, the year is calling us to wake up and if we think we are already awake, to keep awakening! There's more to discover. Always. And the 5 of 23 (2+3=5) implores us to identify what we don't want in our lives, to figure out where any stagnant energy lies, what rut or quagmire or block we're stuck in. In our search, know we have abundant surety that we can unearth those ‘whats’ with grace and ease — and kindness towards ourselves. Grace is also knowing we can just observe the 'whats'. However, the 5's desire to move and change is tempered by the 7's desire to explore more so there's no rush nor compulsion nor neediness to react.

This is because with a 7-year, everything is internal. The blocks may be physical, but are more likely to be emotional, mental, spiritual. Nothing is out of bounds, it’s all on the table. This is what the sojourn, the journey, is about. We don't have to replace the blocks and obstacles with something else straightaway. That’s for 2024 and beyond. Our job for this year is to deep dive, to explore, to come face-to-face with those obstacles. We don't have to have answers. We need to determine exactly what we want to change first. Sitting with some emptiness for a while can be very beneficial. Only in that state are our eyes open enough to see the blocks.


It’s time to breathe out more. Time to identify those roadblocks and obstacles. You’re free from the burdens of 2022. You have the capacity and the power to go deep to figure out what needs changing. Be graceful as you dive, be kind to yourself, be prepared to be thorough as well.
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