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The death of Prince Philip by the numbers

Updated: Jan 2

Birthdays and names are foundations in numerology, but deaths are also important markers, as is any transition, for example, engagements, weddings, divorces, retirement. We don’t generally focus on death, though, simply because the dead don’t! They don’t seek out numerology readings! (lol) However, the day of death can be illuminating.


Take the death of Prince Philip, for instance, on April 9, 2021, two months shy of his centenary. When we add up the numbers of the day April 9 (9) + 4 (April is the fourth month) + 5 (2021 is a 5 year) we get 18, which reduces to a 9. So April 9, 2021 is known as an 18, 9 day. But that’s not all. April 9, 2021 is the 99th day of this year (9+9=18) and Prince Phillip was 99 years of age.

So, three 18s. A little spooky, as Dame Edna would say.

According to the Chaldeans, the number 18 is the Spiritual-Material Conflict — “the greatest of all testings of the soul’s worthiness”.

Of all the Compound numbers (double-digit numbers), 18 has the most difficult symbolism to translate. The Chaldeans describe the 18 with this image: “A rayed moon, from which drops of blood are falling. A wolf and a hungry dog are seen below, catching the falling drops of blood in their open mouths, while still lower, a crab is seen hastening to join them.” The number 18 symbolises materialism striving to destroy spirituality. It is often associated with bitter quarrels within the family circle; with wars, social upheaval, and revolution. In some cases it indicates making money or achieving position through divisive tactics, through war or other conflict. It warns of treachery and deception from both “friends” and enemies; and also danger from the elements, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, tempests and explosions, electrical shock or lightning.

(Incidentally, to counter the influence of the 18, it is advised that one be extremely cautious and take great care to meet its challenges. The only way to dilute or diminish its effect is by unfailingly and repeatedly meeting deception and hatred from others with generosity, love, and forgiveness; by turning the other cheek, and returning good for evil, kindness for cruelty, honesty for dishonesty, honour for dishonour. In this way, the 18 may be used for great success in illumination and enlightenment.)

So, the 18 details the problem clearly and the countermeasures required to meet the challenge.

Briefly, the 9 from the 18 (1+8=9) indicates completion as well as conflict. I won’t go into what this might mean. But he had already entered a new cycle and well into his first year of the new cycle. I have my own thoughts about that. You might, too. Likewise, I won’t go into his birth and name number and personal year. And, again, I have my own thoughts on what that might mean. Suffice to say, in numerology there are no coincidences, everything has a story to tell.

PHOTO Prince Philip, as a pupil in Gordonstoun, circa 1938

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