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Reflecting on 2022: How's that foundation coming along? Poured? Maybe even set?

Updated: Jan 1

The year is almost done and 2023 looms. I’ll share my thoughts on next year — as I usually do — at the start of the new year. Right now, I’m curious as to how you’ve been going with your homework for 2022.


Back in January, in my snapshot for 2022 I identified some things to do and experience:

Be generous in every way. Revel in abundance at every opportunity. Enjoy the company of others, especially family and friends. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Focus on creativity. Build strong foundations, both financially and personally.

So, how are all doing with that? Was it like that? Have we been building foundations, on any level: in our friendships, friendship circles, our homes, and our communities? I’m wondering how secure we’re feeling. One barometer is spending time in the company of others. The energy of 6 is small-scale: apart from family and friends that generally means small communities or networks of common interest. These smaller communities are the basis of resilience in the wider community. They are what we have to rely on in times of need. Have we been strengthening them this year? What do we have in place to care for ourselves and each other?

Another barometer is our financial security: have we built up our assets and paid down our liabilities? If in business, are we creating strong, resilient enterprises that are creative and nimble enough to flourish amidst the challenges? Enterprises that have strong bases? More broadly, is our nation more financially stable? What about the global economy? In a 6-year, these questions, in particular, come into stark relief. Avoid them, and 2023 will more than put us to the test.

Yet another barometer is the state of the planet’s environment. Spending time in nature affords us the opportunity to be grateful for its healing capacity. And to give thanks, even if we don’t feel to say it out loud to a tree!! Thoughts are good. It also means caring for the environment around us, protecting it, and helping restore it.

So, with that in mind, are we feeling we’ve built that foundation for our communities, businesses, institutions? Have we made things steadier, more solid and established? That was supposed to be our collective focus. It was to be a time for the world to pay down debt, not accumulate it, not overdo consumption and spending. Have we put enough away for that rainy day or days? I will leave you to ruminate on that.

By the way, you see the connection? When we focus less on consumption and spending, the planet benefits and so do the people around us, hopefully because we have more time for them — and for ourselves.

By the way 2, Numerology does not determine, it simply reflects the vibration of numbers. It doesn’t take away our freewill but acts as one of our guides through life. Paying attention to its offering is a useful meditation. All I will say for now is that the focus of 2023 will be very different. How well we row down the river depends on the homework we’ve handed in this year, if that's not a mixed metaphor, lol.

A note

This is a general observation. Each of us has a personal year, from birthday to birthday; as opposed to the Gregorian calendar year, which starts on January 1. While our personal year predominates, the vibration of the number of any given year will influence our personal year, due to the frequency with which it is written, read and spoken. As 2022 adds to a 6, this is the current predominant vibration. Reflecting the vibration gives it its potency. According to Nikola Tesla, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

So, as we leave 2022 behind, do we feel secure? Have we built a strong enough foundation? Enough for us to journey into the deep, which awaits?

ABOVE Swimming pool: concrete poured, set and tiled, just needs . . . (SPOILER ALERT: It's big in 2023. What do you reckon it is? Hehe)

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