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On Friday March 3: Daydream big. Visualise your personal and worldly utopia. No holding back.

Updated: Jan 1

Double-digit days are powerful portal days to focus intention on. There are 12 of them each year: January 1 (1/1), February 2 (2/2), March 3 (3/3) and so on. Speaking of March 3, the next one on the calendar, is especially strong.


What to focus on? In a word, everything!

Go deep. That's the general theme for 2023. For March 3, the number 3 reflects expansion, optimism and higher learning. Add it to 2023, and we're going on a journey to the outer reaches of possibility and learning more about ourselves and the world as we delve deep inside. It’s the perfect day to go big picture, imagine your perfect world, go full utopia, dream up everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your city, your state, your country, your world. No limits.

Set aside a few minutes — a minimum of three minutes would be good. Any time of the day will do, though 3pm wherever you are in the world boosts the power of 3. Start daydreaming big, as fantastical as you like. What brings a big smile as you imagine away?

You will not be alone on the 3rd. A clarion call has gone out across the planet for this portal day. Thousands will be visualising. The more we do this together, the stronger the effect. The intention is what matters, not what you visualise, which won't be the same as anyone else's anyway.

Visualising your utopia is also good for your mental wellbeing! So, mark it in your diary for Friday March 3. See you in the daydream-o-sphere!

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