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It’s exam-cram time, again

Updated: Jan 1

It’s the night before the end-of-year exam. Have we prepped enough? Have we studied that chapter that couldn’t possibly be in the test? Confident we’ve left nothing to chance? You ready?


With just a few months left of this fast-moving year of 2021, we are now in the business end of the year, if you will. October represents a shift in gear; there’s more potential action in the tenth month and from now on. The 10-10 is on October 10 and I’ll say more about that later. November and December are catch-up time, much like cramming the night before an exam. Mind you, it probably won’t feel like catch-up for most of us and maybe not all that fast-moving. If you’re in lockdown or restricted, life may seem as if it’s on hold. Groundhog Day, anyone? However, our individual reactions to a global year are tempered by what personal year we're in at the time. So, some of us will feel in harmony with the changes; some will feel in sharp contrast to them and want to pull the covers over ourselves and pretend it’s not happening; and some will feel that only through a lot of struggle can we even begin to feel we can get some balance or harmony.

No matter what personal year you’re in, we are all energising the 5 vibration.

Now, this energy will change and 2022 will be different again. We will get to breathe out; no more breathing in or holding our breath. We will get to connect better with each other. It will be generally small-scale, and it will be more intimate. (There's a little taste of it in the street picnics in France at the moment.) I will leave that to New Year’s Day when I write up the year ahead. As much as I want to spill the beans on 2022, I’ll bite my tongue.

To get the most out of the next few months, it's time to act. It’s time to start removing blocks; moving the clutter on every level, and that may include relationships and friendships. This won’t be so for everyone. But if you feel a few, some or even many of your relationships no longer resonate with you, it is indeed time to create space for new friendships and relationships. You will know these relationships have changed. It’s okay to let them go. And it’s not a bad thing. The 5-energy is intensifying and the winds of change are blowing stronger now. Whatever is not solidly anchored in us, is unlikely to survive. Be thankful for the time you've shared and know the new year will bring new connections and they will better reflect who you are now and what you desire. Of course, it will depend on whether you resist the change or embrace it, and how comfortable you might be in allowing yourself to feel empty for a while.

The 20 part of 2021 is disruptive, and encourages us to wake up from our slumber. The veil is being pierced; everything is coming into sharper focus. And if we are not awake by now, the next few months will be something of a rude awakening; the number 20 is The Awakening in Chaldean numerology. If we haven’t been deep-diving, get the scuba gear on!

The 21 part of 2021, is The Universe or The Crown of the Magi; the prize, which is the crown (or victory) is only attained after a long struggle. The 21 expresses itself through the number 3 (2+1) and suggests the victory is wide-reaching, affecting every aspect of human society.

Putting 20 and 21 together, we get wide-reaching fundamental movement and change that has the potential to unearth everything. Seatbelts on! We are completing the transition of the 5-year, the pace is picking up now.

Now to the 10-10 coming up on Sunday October 10.

Note: This only applies to October 10, though it is good advice for the whole of October.

The Number 10 reduces to a 1, which represents creativity, protection, benevolence and original action. Our sense of self-worth comes to the fore, we feel the drive to organise and be in control, to be free to follow our own direction. The 10-10 is The Wheel of Fortune; it’s either creative or destructive, black or white, good or bad; there are no shades of grey. When we choose to act, act from self-determination, not because we are reacting to something outside ourselves. We have the power to manifest anything we want, provided it is with the wisdom gained from past experience. Without that wisdom, our projects won’t be creative, but rather destructive. Likewise, it behooves us to be self-disciplined and compassionate towards others we work or associate or align with. Discipline always precedes dominion; success requires firmness of action. Unfortunately, sometimes we can fail to realise our true potential because we doubt we can do it. So we end up feeling unfulfilled as we overcompensate for not feeling we can rise to the challenge.

So, be bold. Trust you can do this. Share what you are doing.

As with each of these portal days, we can take time out to meditate on or contemplate what we want to have happen for ourselves, those close to us, our community, our country, the world. Anytime will do, though to balance the 10 energy, choose around 4am or 4pm; or to enhance the energy choose 10am or 10pm or even 1am or 1pm, wherever you are in the world. As best you can, ground yourself, have your bare feet on the earth. Hopefully, it’s warm and dry where you are!

TL,DR* The 10-10 alignment is Sunday October 10. Be bold, be creative, initiate a dream or two. In your contemplation or meditation, put you attention on what you want, especially for 2022. Think on what you'd like to start for yourself and for the world as a whole.

* Too Long, Didnt Read, aka the short version

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