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The federal election by the numbers: Bill v Scott

Updated: Jan 4

scott morrison and bill shorten

I don’t usually make predictions using numerology.

Count Louis Harmon, aka Cheiro, was famous throughout Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for predicting the demise of certain nobility, including the death of Queen Victoria. He was disturbingly accurate on more than a few occasions. I am no Cheiro and don’t use numerology that way. However, I often muse on the prospects of players in the odd election, the deposing of a leader and results of major public referenda. With Australia about to go to the polls to elect a new federal government, I thought I’d offer a few thoughts — not so much who would definitely win, but on how numerology might be used to reflect on the result and what that result might tell us. So, here goes.

This analysis is only based on the birthdays of the two key party leaders, Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten. I haven’t looked at their names. That's a bigger task and while it would make for a complete analysis, much like a personal reading, we do get a decent feel from their birthdays and hence their personal years, particularly in reference to the global year of 2019. While I am aware that we don’t directly elect prime ministers in Australia — parties do — many people feel as though we do. And with so much weight given to the leaders, their vibrations cannot be discounted. My sense is it largely overrides other considerations, if only because their karmic pathways and personalities loom larger in the scheme of things.

Saturday May 18

The election is May 18, which reflects the Spiritual-Material Conflict, symbolising materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of life. It features bitter quarrels within families, wars, social upheaval, and revolution. In some cases it indicates making money or achieving position through divisive tactics, through war or other conflict. It warns of treachery and deception from both “friends” and enemies; also danger from the elements, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, tempests and explosions, electrical shock or lightning. The only way to dilute or diminish its effect is by unfailingly and repeatedly meeting deception, animosity and conflict with generosity, love, and forgiveness; by turning the other cheek; by returning good for evil, kindness for cruelty, honesty for dishonesty, honour for dishonour. The perfect foil for the 18 — which reduces to a 9 — is the number 6 and its qualities of love, generosity and creativity. In this way, the 18 becomes a powerful tool for illumination and enlightenment. This is indeed a big test. To play this out politically, we are faced with a stark choice: maintain the status quo (and hence the conflict) or embrace the 6 energy. What will Australians choose? The greater good or selfish materialism? It’s-all-about-me vs we’re-in-this-together? Since our two rival leaders are both Taurean, which reflects the 6 energy, it is down to their birth numbers: 12 vs 13.


Bill Shorten

Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten born May 12, 1967. Birth number 12, 3. Taurus. Current personal year: 2, after May 12 and before the election personal year: 3, intensifies the energy of 2019 (global 3 year)

From his birth number (12) we learn he has an obligation to remember past lessons, assuming he is conscious of them and has made a concerted effort to remind himself of them. It requires being alert to every situation, being beware of false flattery from those who would use it for their own ends; being suspicious of those who offer a high position and thereby always carefully checking motives. Forewarned is forearmed. Otherwise, he is prone to repeating past failures and risks taking on the role of victim. There is also a degree of mental anxiety caused by the pressure to sacrifice personal goals to the ambition of others. However, there is a secondary meaning: the figure 1 is the teacher (whether it be a person or life itself), while the figure 2 is the student kneeled before the teacher. The 12 therefore represents the educational process on all levels: it requires the submission of the will and the necessity to make sacrifices to gain knowledge and wisdom. Attention paid to the requirements of education will end suffering and bring success. When the intellect is set aside so one can listen to one’s feelings, the mind is illuminated with the answers it seeks. The 12 is one of the more challenging numbers. His pathway is difficult and requires considerable effort to successfully extinguish the upheaval caused by failing to remember lessons. While I don’t think Bill is a leader in the usual sense of the word — which is why he doesn’t come across that way nor does he seem to feel comfortable playing that role — I nonetheless feel he is aware of the education process as outlined. How adept he is at it is another matter. It is embodied in the notion of consulting and collaborating before deciding. That is, a commitment to constant and consistent consultation would be the modern equivalent of meeting the challenge of the 12. It is to be found in the use of ‘we’ more than ‘I’. If enough of the electorate is able to see beyond that as an assumed weakness, they may be more inclined to give him the nod.

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison born May 13, 1968. Birth number 13, 4. Taurus. Current personal year: 3, after May 13 and before the election personal year: 4, contrasts sharply with 2019 (global 3 year)

The number 13 is not unlucky. Rather, “those who understand how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion.” It’s a number of upheaval so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purpose, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. However, adapting to change peacefully will bring out the strength of the 13, and reduce any negative potential. The number 13 is associated with genius, with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries. The times don’t quite call for that just yet. Next year (2020) certainly will. The number 13 reduces to 4, which provides Scott with a certain detachment as he goes about breaking new ground, assuming he chooses to do that. The key symbolism of the 13 is reflected in “a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down people in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides.” This is not to suggest Scott chops heads to make his way in life — although he is very capable of that — but progress for him, at minimum, will come through some upheaval, and some drama. Taking time out to reflect, to discern before making decisions will give him the space to ponder, to contemplate and to envisage his next steps. The 13 provides him with more of the tools for leadership in the usual sense of that word.

Their personal years

When it comes to personal years, the odds favour Bill because his new personal year aligns with the 2019 global year. It favours embracing a diversity of views and experiences, expressing optimism, possibility, a we-can-do-this attitude, with the emphasis on the ‘we’. Also the 3 of his birth number and his new personal year align with the 9 in the 3-6-9 matrix. (Interestingly, he has been out of step, numbers-wise, all year, which might explain why he has failed to cut through very effectively; that capacity to reach people with his message improves after his birthday. Though, of course, it may be too late to make a real difference, even though his personal rating has improved of late.) Scott will enter a 4 year, which perfectly aligns with the 4 in his birth number. But 4 and 9 (May 18) are not happy bedfellows.

And the winner is . . . not so fast

Overall, I would say while the numbers are tipped in favour of Bill, the thing is, it is not about either of them when it comes to the bigger picture. It’s more a case of what is the electorate thinking, or more to the point, feeling? The vibration of May 18 offers a somewhat stark choice: a vision that embraces generosity towards others — a sharing of the wealth, if you will — or one that is more interested in looking after the individual? If we favour the former, we would choose Bill, no matter whether Labor can or will deliver, no matter if it’s slogans over substance. If we choose the latter, which favours personal advantage, the what’s-in-it-for-me attitude, we will choose Scott — again, no matter whether the Coalition can deliver or not.

I realise I’m not picking a winner, but there’s more to reflect on than that. Ultimately, it’s more a reflection of us than it is of them. We will get to see a barometer of public sentiment, a snapshot of who we are, a collective staring in the mirror. And that is always profoundly illuminating.

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