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The latest Aussie coup by the numbers

Updated: Jan 4

Morrison, Dutton, Turnbull, Bishop inset

from left: Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull. Inset: Julie Bishop

When we think of volatile national politics we usually think of countries such as Italy. You know, a new prime minister every few months. That dubious honour may very well have passed to Australia, once regarded as one of the most stable democracies on the planet. Not anymore, it would seem. No sooner is a new leader installed than the one just toppled begins a campaign of subtle and not-so-subtle destabilisation and then mounts a challenge. Labor did it first with the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd shenanigans and then not to be outdone, the Liberals upped the ante with their version: the slightly skewed Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison coups. All mostly driven by a heady mix of one or more of the following: alleged incompetence (Rudd, Abbott), inexplicable decisions (Abbott), poor opinion polls (all of them) and ideology (Turnbull).

I wont be delving into the actual politics — theres plenty of that already. Instead, what insights does numerology offer? I could write an essay on the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd to-an-froing, but that's a few years old now. Rather, heres a reading on the very latest coup and the three key players: Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison (as well as Julie Bishop) and Ill just be using their birthdays and personal years in the context of 2018, a 2-year, to paint a picture. its true their names are important, but thats for a fuller analysis. This reading is plenty to start with. So, here goes.

Malcom Turnbull, born Oct. 24, 1954. Love–Wealth–Creativity. Scorpio.

Personal year as at August 24, 2018: 7 in a global 2 year

The 24s of this world more often than not receive help from those with power and have a close association with people of high rank and position, which greatly increases their financial success and ability to achieve happiness in love. They are attracted to the initimacy of small gatherings, fine food, warm surroundings. They gain through romance, the law or the arts, and have an extremely attractive magnetism. Their only warning is to be wary of self-indulgence and a certain arrogance in love, financial, and career matters, because everything seems to come so effortlessly. They are warned not to allow such good fortune to cause selfishness or a careless attitude toward spiritual values. It would be wise to be wary of the temptation to overindulge.

It is not the natural province of leadership, well, not leadership in the usual sense. Theres a natural inclination to try to reach consensus to achieve a harmonious small gathering, even if, in Malcolms case, it is complicated by his Scorpio traits, which when expressed negatively are seen in jealousy, secretiveness, resentfulness, and a capacity to be manipulative and domineering. (Expressed positively, they include a capacity for focus, courage, balance, trustworthiness and faithfulness, sensitivity and consideration.)

Notwithstanding the negative attributes of Scorpio — which are in high contrast to the 24 though can be made to work — Malcolms the nice guy, well-mannered, considerate, the perfect host, a gentleman. And, for many many Australians, thats how he comes across — well, came across before assuming the prime ministership in his own coup. It is forever a challenge for a 24 to accommodate a broad church, especially when theyd like to enjoy the party as much as trying to make everyone comfortable; initimate parties can't abide ongoing conflict constantly seething under the surface.

He had the capacity for it when he became prime minister on September 15, 2015 (a 15 day, and much like the 24, in that both express as a 6). He was just at the end of his personal 4 year (a time for exploring vision, and a time to be expecting the unexpected) and about to enter his personal 5 year (movement, change and communication). So there was momentum for change following an 'unexpected' tilt at the leadership. And, as a result, he had something of a honeymoon for the first year, to the extent that he embraced change (adopted his vision) and communicated it clearly to the electorate. (Problem was that Malcolm did not fully embrace his 5 year, and it began to show and people sat up and took notice. Not to prosecute your case in a 5 year is folly.) Indeed, after his birthday in 2016, when he moved into a personal 6 year, which he would have been at home in, he lost the momentum for carrying that very very very broad church along with him. Too broad, in fact, so the intimate party suffered — in came the rabble rousers, the gatecrashes and those who wanted to change the music. Malcolm in a personal 6 year and the world mostly in a global 1 year is not a particularly promising time to bring those disparate elements together and stop them wrecking the party. He could have made it work, by pushing through, but that is not his innate style, and a 24 in a personal 6 year is even less inclined. By contrast, but not altogetherly unalike, Tony Abbott, a 37, 4 and another Scorpio — who moved into a personal 4 year in 2016 — was already quietly ramping up his campaign to destabilise. A 37, 4 Scorpio is very quirky; secretive (the 37 is hidden as well, further intensifying the secretiveness); hard to second-guess; plays his cards close to his chest; and has the power to initiate and if motivated by the baser instincts of Scorpio (the sting of revenge), can undermine a leader. Tony is currently in a personal 5 year (again, movement and change) and clearly took advantage of that to make his move, even if it was through Peter Dutton. You see the pattern here? Both Malcolm and Tony played their moves out through 4-5 energy, which is perfect for exploring and developing your vision, articulating it, and then undertaking change — making your move.

Had Malcolm survived until after his birthday in October, things might have been different. (He was deposed on August 24, exactly two months shy of his birthday; a portend perhaps that his departure wont be a negative for him. There is some excellent coding to be found in significant dates in ones life; Malcolm's departure date is, I would suggest in this case, even more fortuitous than his assuming power on the 15th.) Come his birthday on Oct. 24, 2018, he will enter his personal 8 year and I suspect he'll be ready to take on just about anything. Watch him move in a big way, especially from the beginning of 2019; something still big in business, government or the law would suit.


Julie Bishop, born July 17, 1956. The Star of the Magi. Cancer.

Personal year as at August 24, 2018: 3 in a global 2 year

At the time of the ballot, Julie was well-placed for the position and had the capacity for leadership — although the 17 opposes Cancer, it can be made to work and her role in foreign affairs suggests a talent for diplomacy. Her 3-year suits embracing differing perspectives. However, while 17 is generally a fortuitous number and indicates perseverence and longevity, it denotes a certain struggle, even as it promises the person “will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of [their] earlier life, with the ability to conquer former failure in personal relationships and career.” Julie may well be ambitious, determined and prepared to put the hours in, however, the journey tends to be a relatively long one with tests along the way. Essentially, her bid was an uphill battle, having to balance opposing forces amid a long struggle, even if victory is assured. Just not yet. And besides this spill process was relatively short and her hat was only thrown in the ring last minute. The 17 shows she can play the long game. Yet, as we will see, Scott's 13 rather dramatically interrupted her most recent bid, as only a 13 knows how!

Scott Morrison, born May 13, 1968. Regeneration. Taurus.

Personal year as at August 24, 2018: 3 in a global 2 year

Scott was best placed to win this ballot. A 13 Taurean has the groundedness to pursue his play steadfastly, even stubbornly, and the 13 gives him the gravitas to mow down any opposition to his game plan — almost literally, given the symbolism of the 13: “The number 13 is not unlucky as is widely believed. The ancients claimed that 'those who understand how to use the number 13 will be given power and dominion.' The symbol of 13 is a skeleton, or death, with a scythe, reaping down people in a field of new-grown grass, where young faces and heads appear to be thrusting through the ground and emerging on all sides. It’s a number of upheaval so that new ground may be broken. It’s associated with power, which, if used for selfish purpose, will bring destruction upon itself. There is a warning of the unknown and the unexpected. However, adapting to change peacefully will bring out the strength of the 13, and decrease any negative potential. The number 13 is associated with genius, with explorers, breaking the orthodox and new discoveries.”

Scott has a set of numbers and a personal year that is very favourable to a challenge. The 13s have the capacity and the determination to carry it out too, and being in a 3 year, he has the capacity to cut through and persuade enough of his colleagues to go with him — from across a range of moderate to conservative. There is a federal election due before the end of May 2019; Scott enters his personal 4 year, a year of expeciting the unexpected. Which means the election will be anything but a walk in the park for him. However, 13s know that and can thrive in a 4 year!

Peter Dutton, born Nov. 18, 1970. The Spiritual-Material Conflict. Scorpio.

Personal year as at August 24, 2018: 1 in a global 2 year

Not to put it too finely, Peter got done over. Not in some particularly nasty way; he was just outplayed. He didn’t really stand a chance against a 13 Taurean in a 3 year. Though Peter is in a 1 year, carrying with it the capacity to initiate the new — hence the challege he felt he could make — he’s an 18, and the only way an 18 can succeed is through being generous, by turning the other cheek, by working to achieve a consensus, which requires some compromise. Is that Peter Dutton? That has clearly not been his modus operandi to date. It does not mean he cannot be successful, but not the way he is going about it at the moment. Like Malcolm, in one sense, he doesn’t have the form (or credibility) to compromise enough to make this broad church work. (Possibly, no one does. It is pretty broad, the Liberal party.) Peter would also have moved into a personal 2 year after Nov. 18 and would be out of synch with the 3 year in 2019, which would have required even more work to balance, especially with an election looming. And unless one is used to compromise and consensus, it’s tough to start trying it out, first time in the party room.

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