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Tips to prep for 2022

Updated: Jan 1

While it’s six months to 2022 and I wouldn’t normally say anything about the next year this far out, I do feel drawn to offer a few tips in prep for it. The pace of the shift in 2021 is accelerating — as it especially does after the mid-year point of July 2 — and its time to get ready.


These are general suggestions for all of us, however, they dont take into account how the global year of 2022 influences our personal years. Regardless, they are generally applicable to all of us now no matter our personal year. And they will be vitally important in 2022. Getting ahead of the curve might not be a bad idea.

1. Use the rest of 2021 to get clear about what’s important to you

That’s everything: relationships, possessions, career paths, day-to-day practices and activities. Go through everything and decide what to keep. Some things/people will make the cut, some won’t. Keep those people you resonate with; same for possessions. I know it will appear harsh, but you know in your heart of hearts what matters. This is the transition year, and when you step into 2022, you’ll know why what's important to you matters. Apply the basic principles of decluttering to the material: Do I like it, need it or use it?

2. Get things stable

On every level. Stability and security are big ticket items in 2022. Now this will be tricky in a fast-moving world of change, but it helps to set the stage if you’ve done #1. Jettisoning the superfluous will leave space and time to sort out what remains. That should make shoring up your finances, among other things, that much easier.

3. Be light, walk light, eat light

Following #1 and #2 above, it will be easier to get lighter. I’ve written about that on my Food and Wellbeing pages. Go explore. In brief,

  • ground yourself daily: be in nature — if in the city, get to the coast or the country or a wild park at least once a week to recharge and breathe better air

  • walk barefoot on the earth (even in winter, unless it’s snowing, or you’re super tough!)

  • eat seasonal food, as much of it plant-based and unprocessed as possible

  • drink pure/purified water.

4. Take time out

That might mean meditating, going for a walk, relaxing, napping. Away from devices, away from reading, away from people. Your time, no one else.

5. It should go without saying, but . . .

listen to uplifting music, watch positive-message films, read inspiring books and absorb affirmations, especially quotations; I have some on my Quotes page.

That’ll do for 2022 for now. Almost. One more thing. June 6 is the next activation to help energise us in the leadup to 2022. (Reports from around the world suggest the 5-5-5 on May 5 was a strong one for many.) It’s a 6-6 day, and some people are meditating and focusing their attention at 9.09pm UK time on that day. Anytime is good, but to balance the 6-6, 9.09am or 9.09pm are perfect, no matter where you are in the world. In keeping with the 6-6, the specific focus is the Earth itself, emphasising the restoration of nature and the stabilising of the weather. I’ll leave that to you to decide what you’ll do!

TL,DR* Get clear about what’s important to you. Get things stable. Be light, walk light, eat light. Take time out. Saturate yourself with affirming culture.

* Too Long, Didnt Read, aka the short version

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