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The 11-11: know when to say nothing and when to speak up

Updated: Jan 1

The ramp up of the last two months of 2021 continues to pick up pace. November and December are shaping up as giddy rides. We have a few portal days remaining, November 11, December 12 and December 21.


The 11-11 is on Thursday November 11.

Note: This only applies to the day November 11.

A lot is written about 11-11, more specifically the number 11. About it being a master number and that those born on the 11th or have names that add up to 11 are masters. Thats not quite how it works. It doesnt automatically confer mastership; it doesnt mean youve made it and can rest easy. What it does mean is that if you master the lessons of the 11 you will have overcome the challenge of the 11. That is true mastership. Mastership is not about feeling superior; it would never occur to such a master to think that way. Such masters know mastery can be fleeting, subject to the next challenge. That next challenge is always the true test of mastership. The mastery comes from knowing you have tools ready to use as you walk and work your way through those challenges.

So, in that context, to the day itself: the Chaldeans viewed 11 as A Lion Muzzled • A Clenched Fist, with the obligation (the mastership) to know when to be quiet and when to speak up. That is true wisdom. When there are conflicting forces at play, either within us or externally, our job is to find ways to bring the two sides together — allowing both to continue to co-exist — so as to always be in harmony and complete in that moment. It never means denying one side over the other. As long as we can allow them to co-exist — to dance as partners — each remains individual, even in unity, for each has its own worth.

As with each of these portal days, we can take time out to meditate on or contemplate what we want to have happen for ourselves, those close to us, our community, our country, the world. Anytime will do, though to balance the 11 energy, choose around 7am or 7pm; or to enhance the energy choose 2am or 2pm, wherever you are in the world. As best you can, ground yourself, have your bare feet on the earth. Hopefully, it’s pleasant and dry where you are!

TL,DR* The 11-11 alignment is Thursday November 11. That day is about what you feel, the first thing you feel, your gut reaction. And trusting that intuition. Visualise the planet in harmony; the world in harmony; each nation in harmony; each government, each organisation in harmony; each family, each partnership or relationship in harmony; and finally you in harmony. Allow the different parts of yourself to co-exist and to shine. Focus on discerning when to be quiet and when to speak up.

* Too Long, Didnt Read, aka the short version

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