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Make the most of these windows

Updated: Jan 4

There are a few opportunities coming up, so make the most of them, especially if there are some tasks outstanding.


The expect-the-unexpected rollercoaster of 2020 still has some time to run, and as with any global year, the second half sees a ramping up of the numerological expression of that year.

So, if it has been intense these past nine months — and I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t felt that, most of us in spades — these last few months will continue to surprise in numerous ways. To ease the crescendo of the rest of the 2020/4-year in preparation for the 2021/5-year, there are a few days on offer. The next is Saturday October 10, a 10/10 day. That’s a day for uncompromised action. It can help offset the widespread swirl of uncertainty playing out across the globe right now. The 10th reduces to a 1 and 1 balances the 4 of 2020 (2+0+2+0=4).

I also suggest the 19th. I don’t recommend the 28th because it will require more effort to keep relaxed enough to act forthrightly. All up, we have six days between now and 2021. December 1 is also possible, if you don’t mind persevering with setbacks and the odd detour along the way.

The 1st, 10th and 19th of any month are the get-things-done days. They favour personal action and single-minded determination. So, get out those to-do lists and pen and go cross off some tasks. This year has been tough enough to get stuff done, because more spanners have been thrown in the works than there are in a hardware chain. It's easier to throw our hands up and moan "too hard". So, take advantage of these brief windows. If you’ve been using 2020 to take some time out to reflect on your life and assess ‘everything’, you might be ready to act. If so, the 10th and the 19th are yours. Or, hold off till 2021, when it will be more favourable. More on that closer to the time! (Don’t want to be getting ahead of ourselves.) We may want to be rid of 2020 — and no one will blame you for wanting that — but there is still some way to go and some time to do things. What we do now sets us up for 2021. And the freer we are, the more able we are to ride the winds of the new year.

So, with single-minded determination, get out those to-do lists and pen and go cross some tasks off.

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