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  • Stevie Bee

Just call it covid. Drop the 19.

Updated: Jan 4

Time to change the narrative


People are already dropping the ‘19’ from ‘covid-19’. It was probably inevitable; we tend to shorten everything anyway.

And it’s a good idea.

Calling it ‘covid’ changes the narrative of the virus. ‘Covid-19’ is largely inaccessible and difficult to nudge out of hiding. ‘Covid’, on the other hand, adds up to 21, The Crown of the Magi. It represents ‘The Universe’, quite something to be attained!

It promises general success and guarantees advancement and elevation. It indicates victory after a long struggle, for the “Crown” is gained only after long initiation, much soul testing and various other tests of determination. Increasing the potency of ‘covid’ helps assure “final victory over all odds and all opposition.” The number 21 involves higher learning, so it will help unearth the origin story. It is idealistic; optimistic; movement-oriented; independent of thought; blunt; candid; outraged at duplicity; defensive of the underdog; ambitious; focused on leadership, wealth, position; and exposing ‘enemies. It is expressed through business, trade, insurance, religion, the law, justice, social gatherings, travel, sport, languages, advertising, the armed forces and police. It is also expansive and wide-ranging and so it will help in the coming transition. More about that as 2021 approaches.

Try covid. You might already be doing it.

Coronavirus meant war, ‘SARS-COV-2 never took off and would have kept us focused on anything but ourselves, and covid-19 is elusive. ‘Covid offers something far more promising.

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