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  • Stevie Bee

It’s still 2020. There are still some surprises in store.

Updated: Jan 2

The last few months of any global year can be intense. This one still has some kick in its tail.


The keywords for this year have been

  1. Expect-the-unexpected

  2. Rollercoaster

  3. Unprecedented

I mentioned #1 and #2 back on January 1 when I wrote my take on 2020. I didn’t predict #3, but it fits perfectly!

Among the numerous upsets and challenges this year, in Australia we've had the bushfires and although the fires were put out ages ago, there’s still the aftermath. Those on the US West coast continue to battle theirs. And, of course, covid and the widespread lockdowns, which is still the main show in town — although the US presidential election is rivalling it for coverage right now in the shock-and-awe, doom-porn 24/7 media cycle.

Expect to be surprised some more; it’s virtually a given. Although maybe you’re used to it by now and think “nothing surprises me any more”. If the end months of any personal or global year are any guide, there are likely to be another round or two on the rollercoaster.

By year’s end, I’m sure we’ll all be glad this 2020/4-year is done and dusted. By way of relief, it is the last of what are called the in-breath years — 2017, being the first; 2018, the second; 2019, the third. To explain, the world passes through nine-year cycles: four years of in-breath, a year of transition and then four more years of out-breath. You can read more about it here.

I suspect or at least hope we will have gathered enough knowledge and awareness and experience through this tumultuous year. Next year is the year of transition, and it will be different. There’s a new doorway to walk through. While it won’t have the intensity of 2020, it won’t stand still. Far from it. After 2021, we get four years of out-breathing to complete the nine-year cycle, beginning on New Year’s Day 2022.

Just be open, because change is a-comin.

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