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The Goop just scored another remake

Updated: Jan 5

The Goop

The Goop, mostly a mix of nutrient-dense organic superfoods and herbs, favouring antioxidants (red-purple foods) and green foods, is the kind of breakfast designed to give you a surge in energy and vitality. And one that lasts for a few more hours.

The Goop made its public debut in late 2012 at a food stall in Darlinghurst, Sydney I ran with two friends. It had 19 ingredients and even though it wasn’t the most attractive-looking way to start your day, it was our biggest seller. Four and bit years later, it has morphed into about 30 ingredients; the method is slightly different; and now with the addition of coconut yogurt or apple cider vinegar, I feel we’re there. Although like everything in life, it’s always a work in progress.

The Goop is available for purchase, tailored to suit your specific dietary needs. As it’s a powder, it can be added to smoothies and will bulk and cream up the smoothie very nicely. A 500g order is enough for about three weeks. It’s $75 per kilo plus postage.

Contact me for more details.

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