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The great fudge reveal. Haha

Finally, it’s out. Years in the making — at least a decade — I think I’ve perfected the recipe. Mind you, it could all change next week!


For the past decade or so, I’ve been ‘pestered’ to share my fudge recipe. I have resisted it mostly because I am terrible at quantities. I wing most of my recipes, constantly playing with proportions and ingredients. And I’m always experimenting. Hardly any two fudges have been exactly the same. So, it didn’t feel especially appropriate to publish a recipe.

Earlier iterations came with a fruit-berry chia topping. Those fudges were quite rich and intense and usually required a decent helping of yogurt or ice cream to balance them. Even when I folded the topping into the fudge proper to mimic a jam roll it was still on the rich side. In the past few months I’ve ditched the topping and added one ingredient and the result is a fudge that’s both a lot smoother and lighter and can be eaten with or without yogurt or ice cream. It’s also easier to make with fewer ingredients and less muckin’ about, as the legendary English comedian Kenneth Williams would frequently utter!

And, I’m now ready to share my fudge with the world — well, this version.

Here’s the link to my Recipes page — scroll down a few. You’ll also find The Goop there and, below The Fudge, another dessert gem, Jed’s Mousse. All the links are on the homepage under Short Cuts.

ABOVE A slive of The Fudge served with coconut ice cream

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