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What happens when you change one letter in the word 'got’

Updated: Jan 1

How often do you wake up and sigh: Ive got to get up and go to work (or school or whatever)”? The subtext is “I dont really want to do this. Id rather be doing something else.” Its a pain, a chore, an obligation, insert your favourite grimace. Many millions say it every day, Im sure. Even on the weekends, “got to take the kids to sport, got to go shopping, got to clean the house” and so on. Everything is a gotta do!

What if you changed the o in ‘got to an e, so you get to say: “I get to go to work (or school or whatever)”. That one letter can change your relationship with whatever youre thinking about. Your intention can shift and you can begin to wholeheartedly embrace what you do (and are doing with your life) . . . Or, more to the point I suspect, it will force you to face how you really feel about what youre doing. Hopefully, you embrace it. If not, its a useful reminder to make sure youre only doing what feels right in each moment. I know thats a huge, over-the-top ask, but why settle for less, for the mediocre, for the high-rotation sigh every day, for what you dont want? Whos life is this anyway?


IMAGE Eric E Kidwell

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