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With all this help available, you can be relentless in rummaging through the wardrobe

Updated: Jan 1

August 8, 2024 is a big deal numerologically. It’s an 8-8-8 day, the eighth day of the eighth month in an eight year (2+0+2+4=8). But that’s a year away. However, Tuesday August 8, 2023 is almost as big a deal: its numerology is pretty impressive — a 23, 8 day — a golden opportunity to change potentially anything. Given 8 is ambitious, determined and relentless, you could achieve quite a lot. August 8 is known as The Lion's Gate*, a time when the Earth aligns with Sirius and Leo, and when a new cycle unfurls for us to manifest and create together.


The thing with the number 8 is that it won’t let up. There’s no rest. Lessons come on top of each other, so to speak. On such a day we’re reminded to be nimble, flexible and focused on pushing through, staying the course. Being a 23, 8 day — the 5 from 23 balances the 8 — is perfect for the 8, which is all about balance and justice. You can seriously get things done! You might have to do a bit of juggling or learning to think quickly though, because you have a few balls in the air! The 8 is big-stage energy, it plays out in big institutions such as government and business. It also expresses itself through the legal system, with a strong emphasis on justice: “rewards received, punishments due”, as the Chaldeans put it. This is a day to gain wisdom, redress imbalance through identifying what needs changing and then doing it. Turn the number 8 on its side and we are reminded of the necessity of seeking and finding balance; the pendulum may swing from side to side, but the challenge is to return to the centre — until it swings again because we’re always learning something. Those lessons keep a-comin’!

Now to the 23 specifically. The 23 part of August 8, 2023 (8+8+2+0+2+3=23) — the Compound/karmic number of the whole day — is known as The Royal Star of the Lion. It offers much promise of success in general, provided you can tap into the help that’s available from those around you. Keep an eye out; it may be in places you’d never think to look or expect to find, such as people you consider are your ‘superiors’, your mentors or those you see as ‘more advanced spiritually’. (Don’t assume they are your betters, by the way, we all learn from each other, and there’s no value in putting anyone on a pedestal!) Overall, 23 is a most fortunate number, and greatly blesses us with abundant grace. A good thing to have whilst changing the world! Remember, no number can challenge the Lion’s strength and win. So, let’s embrace it and go for broke.

On the day: Tuesday August 8

So, take this opportunity to identify what needs changing and encourage those close to you, in your community, your country, across the world to do the same. Meditate, contemplate, cogitate. Go deep; the 7 year of 2023 still requires us to journey to the core of ourselves. Anytime on the day will do, though to balance the 8 energy, choose around 5am or 5pm; to enhance the energy choose 8am or 8pm, wherever you are in the world. As best you can, ground yourself, with your bare feet on the earth. Hopefully, it’s warm and dry where you are!

The 8:8 is a time to manifest on many levels. Keep your eyes open (unless meditating!), be clear with your intent, with what you want and . . . walk through that gateway.

*The Lion’s Gate period runs from July 26 (also an 8) to August 12. More about the Lion’s Gate

SNAPSHOT Take advantage of help offered. It’s a change day. Focus on whatever is crying out for change. Be relentless in rummaging through the wardrobe and take charge of what’s there and what can go. Go top to bottom. You have the power to do this.

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