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The next portal day offers the potential of a fundamental shift

Updated: Jan 1

The next global focal date on this year’s calendar is Friday May 5, the 5-5, that is, the fifth day of the fifth month.


About the 5

The number 5 vibrates to the planet Mercury. It represents communication, movement, change, versatility, flexibility of viewpoint, the intellect and both written and oral expression. The focus is on discovering mistakes and flaws and acting on them; on using the tools of sharpened discernment, critical thinking and detailed analysis. Change is key to this day: change of scene, change in relationships, residence, in beliefs, in one’s view of life, and so on.

Remember to pace yourself. No need to rush and fill the day with a myriad of activities, though that may be tempting, especially if you’re keen for change. New ideas and inventions, risk-taking, and speculation also figure prominently. So it’s not surprising you’ll be tempted. If you undertake a lot of activity, the day could leave you highly strung, living on your nerves, possibly running the risk of impulsive action. So make it quality over quantity. However, the effects of change are unlikely to leave any long-lasting impression, given everything moves quickly with the 5. Communication — writing, advertising, public relations, and publishing — are all favoured this day.

Something else

There’s also something else in the mix — and hidden from view. The Compound or karmic number of May 5, 2023 is 17, the Star of the Magi. This is expressed in Chaldean numerology as the 8-pointed Star of Venus, the image of Love and Peace, and the promise of capacity to rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of the earlier part of the day, with the ability to overcome earlier failure in both personal relationships and career. The 8 of the 17 (1+7=8) complements the 5, helping to balance the day. With that in mind, we have both capacity to rise above initial setbacks and through relentless determination and action make lasting change.

To add even more spice to the day

This is no ordinary 5-5 day. We are currently mid-way through Mercury Retrograde — look it up if you want to know more about it. (Mercury goes forward from May 14.) Given that during Mercury Retrograde communication in general is adversely affected, it would be wise to ensure your communications are clear, concise and timely and that your nearest and dearest know what’s going on for you!

One more thing

How does this relate to a global 7-year? Well, in keeping with the deep dive of 2023, the changes we can make on the 5th can potentially be very deep, profound and thorough. The deeper we can go, the more we can unearth and therefore the more we can free ourselves of whatever is holding us back from realising our potential. And don't forget to talk about what you're experiencing, share with others what's coming up and encourage them to do likewise. Out of all the days in this 7-year, this is the one to go deep, to figure out what you want to change in the world and then share it. If it is a bit scary to contemplate, that's because 5 and 7 are high contrast numbers, so it can be uncomfortable. And that's perfectly reasonable. But don't be put off by the possibility of discomfort. You might be quite surprised. Sometimes only when we are uncomfortable do we truly grow.

What to do on the day

So, as with each of these portal days, we can take some time out to meditate on or contemplate what you want to have happen for yourself, those close to you, your community, your country, the world. Anytime will do, though to balance the 5 energy, choose around 8am or 8pm; or to enhance the energy choose 5am or 5pm, wherever you are in the world. As best you can, ground yourself by placing your bare feet on the earth. Hopefully, it’s warm and dry where you are!

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