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If you feel like you’ve been doing too much, it’s now time to slow right down!

Updated: Jan 1

We're midway through 2023 and like all calendar years, the second half is the beginning of the ramp up. Or, in this case, maybe the ramp down! The first half was all about getting used to the 7 energy of 2023, being comfortable with deep diving, going within and going solo.


It’s not unusual to feel a bit slack in the first half of any calendar year. It can take a little while to adjust to the new number of that year. The 7 energy of 2023 is different to the foundation-building social year of 2022. It is time for a break with the frenzy of activity. Although the years 2022 through 2025 are the evolutionary years in the current 9-year cycle — and are known as the manifest/do-stuff years — this year is not about doing things, per se. It's not about being busy at the expense of growing through exploring. This is journey time. We don’t have to be madhouse active.

Once July hits, the ramp up (or down) will steadily grow over the following months and become more intense. Think of it as an end-of-year exam. If you’ve been studying — that is, going inward, taking time out to dream, to write in your journal, to meditate, to contemplate, to rest and relax and so forth — you’ll be well-prepared, you’re not worried, you’ll take the exam’ in your stride. If not, it’s cram time’, something akin to the frantic all-nighter before the big test. Except it’s not about doing things! In fact, it’s the opposite. I know that’s hard to believe, you might say, because “I have so much to do!” Well, you can still be active or busy, but unless you’re acutely aware of the whys and wherefores of that busyness — that is, you take time out to reflect, at least occasionally — you’ll just be going through the motions. You may not progress all that much beyond tasks to achieving goals. Best not to focus on results: you know, it’s the journey-not-the-destination type of thing.

Here are some things that might help you to make the most of the rest of this 7-year. Remember the 7 is about taking each day as it comes, listening intently and attentively to your inner voice. It’s a time to explore the ‘mysteries’ of your life. Your internal journey is where your growth lies.
  1. Ensure your personal and working lives are running as smoothly as possible. That way you’ll get plenty done and feel at peace. Remember: Attempt Less, Achieve More.

  2. Don’t allow others to overwhelm you. Stop worrying so much about them.

  3. Avoid the “Why me?” response to adversity; there's something to be learnt so take time out, close your eyes, be still, be honest and ask: “What am I supposed to be learning from this?”

  4. Avoid situations where you could feel dragged down.

  5. Practice detachment.

  6. Being more sensitive, you’re less tolerant of arguments or argumentative people. Turn off the News, at least.

  7. There’s much contemplation now about the depth and significance of relationships. Explore it. Figure out who your real friends are.

  8. This is not a particularly material year, so you’ll be relying on whatever foundations you laid last year to sustain you. Be careful not to fritter resources away on mindless pursuits. Be purposeful with your spending and where you allocate your time and energy.

  9. Focus on the true value of things in life, what really matters.

  10. Deep diving means going into things thoroughly. A 7-year is not about doing absolutely nothing. So delve and when you think you've done delving, delve some more.

And three specific suggestions that seem timely
  1. Minimise or avoid alcohol and drugs that dull and numb. They can blur the journey and replace thinking.

  2. Look after your skin: it’s more sensitive, and watch your digestion.

  3. Take time out to rest, sleep, nap, recover, meditate, wander . . .

The 7-7-7

Friday July 7, 2023 is the 7th day of the 7th month in the 7th year of the 9-year cycle. So, that’s worth contemplating! It’s a day to do some even deeper diving — profound and thorough — I would say. The deeper we go, the more we can unearth and therefore the more we can free ourselves of whatever is holding us back from realising our potential. Out of all the days in this 7-year, this is the one to do it.

What to do on the day

As with each of these portal days (Jan. 1, Feb. 2, Mar. 3 Apr. 4 etc) take some time out to meditate on or contemplate what you want to have happen for yourself, those close to you, your community, your country, the world. Anytime will do, though to balance the 7 energy, choose around 2am or 2pm; or to enhance the energy choose 7am or 7pm, wherever you are in the world. At either 7am or 7pm, you'll be in a 7-7-7-7 alignment. Or, go even madder (haha), by choosing 7.07am or 7.07pm to begin your deep dive! As best you can, ground yourself by placing your bare feet on the earth. Hopefully, it’s warm and dry where you are! If you choose 2pm, pick some water course to sit by if you can — a lake, the ocean, a river or stream — or a fishbowl, bird bath or pond in the backyard!

TL,DR (too long, didn't read): Take each day as it comes — no future living. Listen intently and attentively to your inner voice. Guidance is indeed internal. This is a time to explore more of the ‘mysteries’ of your life. Growth is from the internal journey.

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