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If you’ve been slack, it’s now time to cram your build: go small, go practical and go personal

Updated: Jan 1

We’re now in the second half of 2022 and like all calendar years, the second half is the beginning of the ramp up. The first half was all about getting used to the 6 energy of 2022, a time of building a strong foundation consisting of what we want in our personal lives, our homes, our communities, our countries and our world.


It’s not unusual to feel a bit slack in the first half of any calendar year. We are adjusting to the next number. The 6 energy is different to the change-mad 5-year of 2021. And we've felt like a break. We've had a bit of that, but it's time to evolve; 2022 to 2025 are the evolutionary years in the 9-year cycle. These are the manifest/do-stuff years, with 2022 being the first of them. This year we are building a foundation and we are supposed to be deciding what it will be made of: what values and principles will we use to form our new base?

Once July hits, it's slack time no more. Time to get serious. The ramp up will steadily grow over the next few months and become more intense, especially if we'd prefer to keep slacking off. Think of it as an end-of-year exam. If you’ve been studying, that is, building your foundation all year, you’ll be well-prepared, you’re not worried, your foundation is looking good, you’ll take the exam in your stride. If not, it’s cram time, something akin to the frantic all-nighter before the big test. That’s what December could be like. So, get to your building site and start prepping to pour that slab! Don't wait til the end-of-year scramble; you want to leave time for the 'concrete' to dry and become solid!

Here are some things I feel might be part of that slab. Remember the 6 is all about love, wealth, creativity, lusciousness, beauty and warmth.
  1. Make agreements about things you want to do or experience with people you genuinely feel good being with, more to the point, are a pleasure to be with

  2. Think of yourself as deserving of the best in life

  3. Seek out affirming experiences and people

  4. Let go of control

  5. Only do what feels right, banish the shoulds

  6. Love what you do

  7. Only make promises you can keep

  8. Prioritise time for yourself and with yourself

  9. Visit quiet spaces, especially in nature

  10. Speak well and kindly of yourself

  11. Only feel, say or do things that reflect your inner desire

  12. Listen to those who suggest ways to enhance or improve your life or who make constructive suggestions

  13. Balance doing and being, with more time focused on the latter

  14. Stay grounded, stay earthed, and nourish yourself on every level.

And three specific suggestions because they seem timely
  1. Feeling back pain? The back carries burdens — literally! Dump them.

  2. Feeling a loss of passion for your job or some people in your life? Find people and occupations and activities that promote joy, play and creativity. Direction in life does change. You can choose a different course.

  3. And, to balance the global madhouse, go small, practical and personal. It's less cumbersome, safer and more achievable.

TL,DR (too long, didn’t read): If you've been building your new-look foundation all year and you're happy to keep going, you'll be sweet and you'll get your slab down nicely. If not and you've been slack all year, it's cram time. So, your all-nighter task is to come up with those values and principles you'd like to form the basis of your build. And you have til the end of the year.

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Bekah Clinton
Bekah Clinton
2022년 7월 17일

Thanks Stevie ! Great advice !

Stevie Bee
Stevie Bee
2022년 7월 17일
답글 상대:

Grateful for the feedback, Bek

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