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What’s in a name (change)?

Updated: Jan 4

Changing a name can make a difference to your life, especially if your birth number is a real challenge. The same applies to entities, such as a virus. The coronavirus, which I wrote about last post, adds up to the number 43 — “symbolised by the tendency toward revolution, upheaval, strife, conflict and war and carries the vibration of repeated disappointment and failure”. Very challenging. Fortunately, when confronted with a number such as 43, it’s worth trying something else. And, lo and behold, coronavirus now has a new name. Which I suppose was inevitable because ‘coronavirus’ is a general term. The new name, Covid-19, gives it a specific identity. Mind you, given that the potency of numerology relies on the power of the sound vibration of the name, that is, how often it is used, whether COVID-19 becomes the default will probably depend on the media. They may simply keep referring to the virus as 'coronavirus'.

So, Covid-19. Even if it does take off, I’m not so sure this is a great improvement. The name adds up to the number 31, aka The Hermit • Recluse, which is summed up by the qualities of self-containment, self-sufficiency, and isolation. It is highly intelligent, however, it is also elusive, prone to retreating, and fixed in its vibration. Which does suggest it will be difficult to work out, to understand, and a challenge to match it and ultimately end it. Not impossible, but quite a challenge. Like 43, it is unlikely to take prisoners. We may be no better off.

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