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Mid-year update: keep expanding

Updated: Jan 4

Well almost three-quarters through 2019

The second half of any calendar year for the world sees a ramping up of the expression of that year’s number, an intensification of its associated energy. The world is currently in a 3-year, generally a time of expansion of consciousness, optimism, and outward expression on many fronts. If we only listened to the mainstream newsfeed, we could be forgiven for thinking the world had gone to hell in a hand basket, as the saying goes. But if you read between the lines and look elsewhere (for example, worldhalffull, which I co-curate), the world isn’t quite so terrible! Diversity and generosity of spirit are in abundance. Remember, the 3-year is about cultivating optimism and confidence, branching out, exploring, expanding horizons. It's about diversity of thought. And it is about ensuring we are clear with our views and that we communicate them clearly. Go deep, find out why. Revel in revelation.

In our world we see this expressed, for example, in Hong Kong and the struggle for freedom; despite media reports focusing on mayhem and violence, much of the protest has been peaceful and respectful, even polite. An example closer to home would be the plight of the Tamil family wishing to stay in Australia and wanted by their adopted community as well as supported by many in the broader community. This outpouring of love is worth recognising. We need to remember these occasions as powerful reminders of our generosity of spirit and compassion.

Expect the intensity to gather momentum as the year draws to a close. In prep for 2020, now is the time to identify through our collective thoughts and actions the areas we want to see transformed. On every level. What that will look like isn’t known, of course, however, it won’t be business as usual. It will be novel, inventive and out of leftfield. So, keep bringing all that you can to the surface, so we can all know what we will be playing with in a few months. Choose wisely. Of course, it can be more than one thing, but pace yourself.

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