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There are two ways to get your copy of 389 Conversations With My Three Kids. One is using PayPal; the other is by direct debit. After eight years, and hundreds of copies sold, we feel it’s time to give the few remaining copies of the book away for the cost of posting it to you. That’s a flat rate of just $16.50 for up to four (4) copies posted to a single address anywhere in Australia. So, if there’s a relative or friend/s you think might enjoy the read, we’ll post them out together.


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We’d like to hear your stories

We’re inspired by one of our readers who wrote down some of the things her kids were saying and then put them in a glass jar and whenever she was feeling a bit down she would reach into the jar and pick one to read it. It invariably lifted her spirits. 


There are bound to be funny, insightful, profound, charming, endearing things you’ve heard children, yours and/or others, say over the years. Perhaps you've written them down or can recall them from memory. We’d like to start up a repository of quotes, snippets of conversations or even longer conversations that reflect the way children think about things and the way they see the world. Much like what's in the book. In fact, use the book as a guide, if you like.


Use the contact form and we’ll start collecting and adding a page to the website devoted to what other kids say.