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The year 2023 is the second of the four out-breath years, the seventh year in the current nine-year cycle that began in 2017.


Take each day as it comes, rather than plan too far ahead. Only when listening intently and attentively to the internal voice can we hope to understand the path were on. Observe the path, dont get attached to it. Recognise what it reveals. Acknowledge the workings of the ‘unseen, what the inner journey reveals. Doing so will ensure true growth and awareness. Dive deep.

This year beckons us to embark upon a journey to find more of our collective centre and purpose. It requires meditation and contemplation before action. In fact, action isn’t required just yet; we have much to learn — and to know. The decision to go on the journey comes first; our intention to undertake the task is what matters. The two key questions to contemplate when considering anything that comes up for us this year are: What is this for? and Is it serving its true and intended purpose? This is a time for some thorough soul searching, and, for some, on a grand scale. We are being asked to go where the journey takes us, not shy away. We may feel out of our depths, but often only when we delve deeply do we see. Remember, things may not be what they seem; watch for what’s below the surface or hidden from view. When in deep water it’s necessary to become a diver. 


Remain as detached as possible from the journey’s process; just go on it, see where it takes us. Just observe. If we built a strong foundation in 2022 — one of the chief projects for that year — we’ll feel supported as we delve. If we didn’t, we’ll be all at sea! Hopefully, others will throw you a lifejacket! Nonetheless, it is best to seek our own counsel; listen to our inner voice. To borrow a line from the control room during the countdown to the Apollo 11 mission: Guidance is Internal. Going within requires being prepared to create a natural flow, a spaciousness to everyday life, from conversations to physical movement to mental activity — an antidote to busyness. 


As sensitivity is heightened, it’s best to avoid arguments and argumentative people. The world will also continue to face 'loss' — death, changes in relationships, business closure, political change. That 'loss' represents an opportunity to understand what lies beneath the surface. Ask: "What is the subtext of what I am seeing in front of me?"


Also heightened: anxiety, annoyance, frustration, worry and fear. As much as is possible, organise one's personal and working life so as to create time and space to relax, to go within, to journal, to meditate, to do nothing, to sleep, to rest, to nap, to wander off, to explore. And in the face of adversity, rather than offer a “Why me?” response, ask: "What am I supposed to be learning from this?"


The inner journey is not easily shared, so we are inclined to be more on our own this year as we journey. Read inspired texts, watch inspiring films and listen to inspiring music; take time out for reflection and contemplation. Spending time near water helps: a placid lake or river, a swim or more relaxing baths or even adding a water feature to your lounge room, bedroom or garden if you don't already have one.


For those affected, on both sides of the equation, the issue of drugs and alcohol — and the true connection they are largely used to replace — will come more into focus in 2023.


This is not a particularly material year and whatever foundations were laid in 2022 will be relied upon to sustain the year. It would be prudent, therefore, to be careful as to how resources are used. It is a time for the world to learn about the true value of things and decide what truly matters.


It is also not a year to necessarily come up with answers. That is more for 2024. Rather, we’re here to unearth, to get to the bottom or to the root of the problem or issue. Upheaval is probably inevitable, which is why a strong foundation helps. 




FOODS+HERBS TO USE Lettuce, cabbage, endive, cucumbers, mushrooms, apples, cranberries, linseed, juices of all fruits and the herbs: chicory and sorrel

PERSONAL WELLBEING Allow for time out for dreaming, daydreaming, for walks by the water, for quiet times, for meditation, contemplation and self-reflection.


COLOURS TO WEAR AND USE IN 2023 to express/wear/use in 2023: sea green, light yellow, aqua, pink, white




Pisceans and those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th of any month can shine in 2023 and make their presence felt in the world.

NOTE: How you engage the world and what role you play in 2023 will be influenced by your personal year’s interplay with the 7 energy of 2023 — see your personal year to work that out. As with all yearly reads, this is necessarily general and the focus is on us as a global community. 


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