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The year 2021 is the transition year, the turning point,

midway in the current nine-year cycle, running from 2017 to 2025.



Change, change, change. Adapt and adjust, then adapt and adjust some more. Be flexible and versatile when new circumstances arise. And communicate. 

The last four years — beginning on January 1, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2020 — have been a time of expressing our power both externally and internally, gaining wide-ranging knowledge, and, last but not least, becoming aware. Those years are called the in-breath years. We literally breathe in everything. As a planet, we have been as students in school. From 2022, we leave school, we begin to breathe out again, to expand our thoughts, to act on those thoughts and to make them solid and anchored in the world. They are called the out-breath years. Sandwiched in the middle of the four in-breath and the four out-breath years is the fifth year, the year of transition. That is 2021. We are neither breathing in nor out, so to speak. However, we’re not treading water; we’re not resting while the wave builds out the back. We are alert and we know the wave is coming. We’re upright. We’re on the lookout. And we’re ready to catch the wave and ride it, standing up.


The year 2021 marks the turning point. It may seem hard to believe after 2020, but 2021 is a year of freedom, of movement and of change. We can let go of the old and welcome and accept the coming transformation. The world is restless and uncertain. And so it is best for us to remain flexible in our thinking, to allow our horizons to expand. The important thing is to embrace change; don’t run from it. We will feel like anything but staying home. The world is drawing us out, it's as if it desires our presence and our participation. The momentum of 2021 will directly challenge the stay-at-home admonition of 2020. Normally, a 5 year favours actual physical travel — or if circumstances don't permit — travel via the mind. After 2020's topsy-turvy lockdowns, it's possible travel, for many, will still be more in the mind. That is just as valid. However, the desire to break free will rise to the surface for many more. Expect fireworks. 


In times of movement — especially when change can occur quickly, as is the case in a 5-year — it is wise to listen carefully to the inner voice, to remember lessons learned, to discern whether the information presented resonates. Ensure those near and dear know what’s going on. Keep everyone well-informed. 


We called last year '20 20', not 'two thousand and twenty'. That change shifted the vibration of the year, adding an extra layer, if you will. The meaning of the year changed when we changed how we sounded out the year. The number 20 is The Awakening, and 2020 was The Great Awakening. We now call this year '20 21', not 'two thousand and twenty-one'. This year is not only a 5 year (2+0+2+1=5). The 20 is The Awakening, the 21 is The Crown of the Magi, the attaining of wisdom after a long struggle. We are awakening to deeper truths. Expect the awakening to continue. There is a new normal emerging, but it is not 2019. With this in mind, we have the opportunity to change our world to better reflect what we have awoken to in 2020. Though this journey is arduous, it will result in significant change.


Above all, it is an adventurous time and one during which we can make progress, though it does require we be flexible and nimble. Public contact, freedom to move about and a desire to be part of the world are pronounced. Change is the new constant. We have stories to tell and to share. For some, they will continue to be told and shared on Zoom, but not all of them!


As science, psychology and aviation were some of the key activities and industries in the spotlight in 2020, communication and media, in particular, are in the crosshairs in 2021. Also affected are sales, marketing, public relations, transport and travel. 


Tips to ease the transition in 2021

WELLBEING Adequate rest and sleep are essential. As the times are changeable and nothing lasts long, keep your surroundings quiet. Keep ventures short-term as far as possible; no making long-term commitments. Live day-to-day as best you can. Don’t take things too seriously. Don't be afraid of any change in direction. But always discern whether you feel good about the direction before you take the first step. The same applies to what is presented to you, especially via channels of communication.


FOODS+HERBS Parsnips, carrots, sea vegetables, oats, parsley, hazelnuts, walnuts, sweet marjoram, caraway seeds, thyme


COLOURS TO WEAR AND USE IN 2021 Pearl grey, light green and silver

JEWELS/STONES FOR 2021 Aquamarine gems, platinum, silver


Geminis and Virgos and those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month can make their presence felt more in the world this year.


Change. Adapt and Adjust. And Adapt and Adjust.


NOTE: How you engage the world and what role you play in 2021 will be influenced by your personal year’s interplay with the ‘5’ energy of 2021 (see your personal year). As with all yearly reads, this is necessarily general and the focus is on us as a global community. 


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